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wolfwave module
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SOTABeams WOLFWAVE–What it Is and How it Can Help You

Today’s Word of the Day comes courtesy of SOTABeams, creator of the breakthrough WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor, now available from DX Engineering. Connect the WOLFWAVE to your headphones or speaker […]

DX Engineering loop antenna
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Choosing an Active Magnetic Receiving Antenna

Whether you’re a Ham Radio operator, AM DXer, or short-wave listener, active magnetic receiving antennas offer distinct listening advantages over more common antennas—most notably lower-noise reception and the ability to […]

DX Engineering Receiver Guard RF Limiter box
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How a Receiver Guard Electronic RF Limiter Can Protect Your Investment

The front-end of your radio’s receiver is vulnerable to a host of over-voltage villains. Radio frequency (RF) spikes rank at the top of the most-feared list. The good news for […]

DX Engineering receive 4 square radio array kit
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Advantages of Receive Four-Square and Eight Circle Array Systems

For Amateur Radio enthusiasts interested in HF operation, short wave listening and AM DXing, there are several dedicated receive-only antenna options from which to choose, including the EWE, Flag, Pennant, […]

Icom IC-9700 ham radio transceiver
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Word of the Day: ICOM IC-9700 VHF/UHF/1.2 GHz Transceiver

In our last Word of the Day column, we talked about the details of DX Engineering’s first Hamfest—a free event August 10, 2019, at the Summit Racing Equipment Retail Super […]

DX Engineering tubing deburring tool
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Why Deburring is Essential When Building Antennas

To deburr or not to deburr? Any Ham Radio do-it-yourselfer who has suffered a painful cut while working with machined metal or plastic tubing knows there can only be one […]

dx engineering coaxial cable gripper
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The Right Tools Can Take the Pain Out of Prepping Coaxial Cables

Before precision cable strippers and grippers were available, preparing coaxial cables for installation of connectors could be a dangerous enterprise. Many a Ham’s digits have felt the business end of […]

a ham radio vertical antenna package
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Hustler 4-BTV, 5-BTV and 6-BTV Multiband HF Vertical Antenna Accessories

This is our first in a series of blogs about DX Engineering’s performance-boosting accessories for the Hustler 4-BTV, 5-BTV, and 6-BTV Multiband HF Vertical Antennas. We begin with perhaps the […]

brackets mounted onto a radio antenna tower
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Guide to Tower Accessories That Make Working with Amateur Radio Towers Easier

Every longtime Ham operator has a “tall” tale to tell about the difficulties of working with an antenna tower. There are enough stories of mast slippage during maintenance and hard-to-install […]

large yagi antenna in the sky
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Building a Yagi Antenna? Consider Choosing an Insulated Boom-to-Element Bracket

Details matter when building a Yagi antenna that delivers the gain and directionality you want in a lightweight package. Skimp on the components and the results may be less than […]