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FT8: Saving or Destroying Ham Radio?

Let me start by saying that this is an OPINION PIECE. Everybody has an opinion. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I try to explore all sides, but […]

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Is There a Place for FT8 in the Ham Radio Contest World?

Some types of automation have long been accepted in contesting: keyers, DVKs, keyboard CW, auto-repeat CQ, history files, and decoders for RTTY. Other types of automation have not been accepted […]

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FT8: What is JTAlert Software and How Can it Help with FT8 Mode?

So you’re getting the hang of this FT8 thing. You have almost all of the states and are just a few countries away from DXCC. You are learning these callsigns […]

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FT8: Fox and Hound Mode

Fox and Hound mode, often shown as Fox/Hound or F/H, is also known as the DXpedition mode. This mode is a special operating feature that enables DXpeditions to make FT8 […]

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FT8: Tech Licensees Can Join, Too

So you want to get into FT8, but you only have a Technician license? No problem! FT8 exists on VHF and up as well. Six meters is really quite popular, […]

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FT8: Choosing a Radio and Interface

So you want to get into FT8: What’s the best way to proceed and what equipment is required? To use FT8 you need four things: HF transceiver with data or […]

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Field Day Strategies to Maximize Scores… and Fun

Since 1933, ARRL’s Field Day has been arguably the most popular event in ham radio. It is a rite of passage of sorts, with many hams citing the event as […]

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Give FT8 a Try on ARRL Field Day

My all-time favorite ham radio activity is coming up soon—Field Day!! Want to try something new this Field Day, June 25-26? All digital modes can be used, provided they can […]

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FT8: Completed and Logged QSOs

What makes an FT8 digital QSO complete and logged? Sometimes you get a signal report back from someone responding with R-10, for example, and then the contact dies there. A […]

FT8: Frequencies, Decibels, and Message Meanings
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FT8: Frequencies, Decibels, and Message Meanings

FT8 is a very popular protocol and continually growing. But does everyone understand the nuances? What do all the characters mean? What are the frequencies? Why are the signal reports’ […]