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How to Use DX Engineering’s Custom Cable Builder

Looking for a smart way to improve station performance without making a big investment? A good place to start is installing quality coaxial cables and connectors. How you choose to make this happen is up to you.

For many Hams, part of the fun of the hobby is building and maintaining their own stations. We take pride in the details and look forward to each upgrade that requires problem-solving skills and good, honest work with our hands. This includes assembling coaxial cables. Talk to a longtime operator and they’ll tell you about the gazillion connectors they’ve successfully installed on the ends of coax cables. But not everyone has the time or interest in this aspect of the hobby. Still others, who once enjoyed hours in the workshop, may find it too difficult to efficiently work with coax anymore. That is what’s great about Amateur Radio. We may approach things differently, but in the end, we’re all Hams—and that’s what counts.

DX Engineering recognizes and embraces these differences. It’s why we offer three options for purchasing coaxial cable: premade cable assemblies in a variety of types and lengths; by the foot and by the roll up to 1,000 feet; or made to spec using DX Engineering’s Custom Cable Builder. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log on to DXEngineering.com and click on the Custom Cable Builder box on the home page.
  2. With a few clicks, you can receive the type of coaxial cable you need with your choice of connectors on each end, and in the precise length you want, from 1 to 300 feet.
  3. Before arriving at your shack, every cable is expertly assembled, hi-pot and continuity tested, and finished with a weather-seal heat shrink for superb longevity.
  4. Cables are shipped within one business day of the purchase.

Check out this video from DX Engineering’s Mark, W8BBQ, demonstrating how to use the Custom Cable Builder.


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