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SOTABeams WOLFWAVE–What it Is and How it Can Help You

Today’s Word of the Day comes courtesy of SOTABeams, creator of the breakthrough WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor, now available from DX Engineering. Connect the WOLFWAVE to your headphones or speaker and you may wonder how you’ve operated all these years without it—especially if you have struggled with hearing loss. Easily accessed menu selections presented on the OLED screen let you choose how you wish to enhance your radio listening experience. Functions and features include:

  • Fully adjustable audio band pass filtering from 50 Hz to 5 kHz, instantly adjustable for voice, data and CW
  • Bright, clear, real-time audio spectrum display shows what’s happening in your radio’s audio passband
  • Adaptive DSP noise reduction with 100 levels, plus advanced control functions
  • Adaptive DSP tone eliminator gets rid of annoying carriers, but leaves the desired signals
  • Menu-selectable age-related hearing loss correction using ISO 7029:2017 median hearing-loss curves for
    males or females
  • Memories to easily store and recall your favorite settings

For complete details on the WOLFWAVE and more products from SOTABeams, including propagation and antenna testers, portable antenna masts, and wire antenna kits, visit DXEngineering.com


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