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Advantages of Receive Four-Square and Eight Circle Array Systems

For Amateur Radio enthusiasts interested in HF operation, short wave listening and AM DXing, there are several dedicated receive-only antenna options from which to choose, including the EWE, Flag, Pennant, K9AY, SAL and limitless home-brew alternatives. Many Hams also deploy magnetic loops, Beverage antenna systems (a long-wire, low and medium frequency receiving antenna invented by Harold H. Beverage in 1921) and more common two- and three-element arrays.

In more recent years, Amateur operators are turning to direction switchable receive four-square and circle eight array systems. These options offer several distinct advantages, including improved reception of weak, distant signals and the ability to better reject extraneous signals and noise in other directions, with the added benefit of needing less space compared to a Beverage system.

DX Engineering is a leader in this arena, offering Receive Four-Square Array (DXE-RFS-SYS-4S) and Receive Eight Circle Complete Array (DXE-RCA8C-SYS-4S) systems.

Receive Four-Square Array System

With proper spacing of four unobtrusive 8.5 foot vertical elements using time delay phasing (rather than narrow-band, frequency-dependent phasing), DX Engineering’s electronically rotatable four-square array system provides:

  • Reduced susceptibility to high angle signals
  • Superior directional receiving pattern
  • Wider and deeper rear nulls and a narrower main lobe, resulting in superior front-to-rear ratio
  • Excellent directivity in a small space for better signal-to-noise ratio
  • Coverage from 100 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Switchability in four 90 degree spaced directions
  • Enhanced relay contact reliability

The four-square array system includes:

Operators will find the same advantages with a Receive Circle Eight Package. Read about the benefits and contents of DX Engineering’s Receive Circle 8 Package, featuring eight active receive antennas, eight circle array controller and console, coaxial cable, tools and connectors.

NOTE: DX Engineering active antennas now come in 38 inch packages for low-cost shipping.

What do Hams think?

“The best yet! I purchased my Four Square system at Hamvention and installed it with 98 feet per side. My results were very impressive. My noise level is down to S-1 to S-1.5. I am in a rural area with low noise levels to start with at around S-3 to S-5. Receive signals increase by 3 S units when switched in the direction of the desired signal. QRM and QRN can be eliminated almost completely. DX Engineering products are first class in materials, assembly, construction and instructions. It worked the first time right out of the box. Worth the cost and labor if you have the space to install it.”

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