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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022 Part 4: Wire Antenna Kits, Masts, Guy Rings and More

In our first three installments of Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022, we addressed coaxial cable, headsets and foot switches, and power—all important components of a successful weekend (June […]

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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022 Part 3: Batteries, Generators, and Power Supplies

One of the exciting aspects of Field Day is the challenge of operating with power sources you’re not accustomed to using, including batteries, generators, and solar panels—even water-driven, bicycle-powered, or […]

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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022 Part 2: Upgrade Your Listening and Transmitting Experience

Last week in our series on getting ready for ARRL Field Day 2022, we began with an upgrade that won’t likely set anyone’s heart aflutter (replacing old coaxial cable), but […]

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A Guide to May 2022 Ham Radio Contests

Excited about Dayton HamventionÒ 2022, Four Days in May, and Contest University? So are the active hams at DX Engineering! But take note: Hamvention (May 20-22), Four Days in May […]

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Proper Use of Antenna Analyzers for Ham Radio Operators

Antenna analyzers are generally used during the building and tuning of antennas. It’s a tool that helps you physically adjust the length of the antenna and check the entire antenna […]

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FT8 vs. FT4: Ham Radio Operating in Digital Modes

FT4 and FT8 are weak-signal-condition digital protocols designed for rapid, accurate communication between amateur radio stations. Information exchanged in a contact typically consists of call signs, four-character Maidenhead locators, signal […]

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DXing on the Ham Radio Satellites

For those interested in satellite operating, the current climate of low-earth orbit (LEO) “birds” offers the chance to pursue contacts within a good-sized coverage area. Most operators are content to […]

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FT8: Low Signal or Low Power?

It is always interesting to speak on controversial topics, and FT8 sure has had its fair share of controversy. There is one complaint in particular that keeps reappearing: How much […]

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Part 13: How to Build Antennas from a Blind Ham’s Perspective (and if You’re Not Blind, You’ll Learn Something, Too!)

How to Build a Dipole/Inverted-V Combo Antenna Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, OnAllBands will be featuring a series of articles from Harry “Trippy” Brown, AC8S, longtime amateur operator […]

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Ham Radio 101: Six Meter Magic

Try, try, try to understand, it’s a magic band. (Apologies to the rock band Heart–too bad they didn’t know about 6 meters.) “The Magic Band” is a phrase used to […]