Articles written by: Ward Silver, N0AX

Technical Articles

Powdered-Iron Cores: How Do They Compare to Ferrite?

In an earlier OnAllBands article (“What Is Ferrite, Anyway?”) I explored the use of ferrite cores for chokes, baluns, and other amateur radio applications. In recent years, ferrite-core components like […]

Technical Articles

How to Check Rotators from the Ground

If you have ever stood at the base of a tower, looking forlornly upward, wondering “What’s WRONG with that [adjective] rotator?!” you are not alone. That simple piece of gear […]

Technical Articles

Feeding End-Fed Antennas

“End-fed” antennas, in particular the “End-Fed Half-Wave” (EFHW), are all the rage these days, particularly for portable operation. Throw a string over a tree branch, haul up one end, connect […]

Amateur Radio News

Spurious Emissions

No, not THAT kind! Sendin’ code againJust can’t wait to be sendin’ code againThe life I love is runnin’ pileups with my friendsAnd I can’t wait to be sendin’ code […]

Technical Articles / Weatherproofing and Grounding

Grounding and Bonding for Portable Amateur Radio Stations

Operating from a temporary setup—in a park, on a summit, from a rare grid or county, or for a special event—has become very popular. This is a great thing for […]

Single-Country DX Contests

The Benefits of Single-Country DX Contests—Whether Inside or Outside!

The contest calendar is just packed with DX contests! And so are the bands—you can hear “CQ Contest” every weekend, on phone and CW and digital modes. You can enter […]

Low Band Vertical
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Improving Your Low-Band Vertical

Here we are, just past the solar minimum with Cycle 25 just getting started. Fall is a great time for HF propagation as we’ve discussed earlier. Should you focus on […]


Fall HF Contests at the Start of Cycle 25

May the flux be upon us! The buzz is definitely all about Cycle 25 getting underway and the long-delayed anticipation of plentiful long-distance QSOs on the upper HF bands. Endless […]

Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Little Pistol Low-Band Antennas

Some of the biggest challenges presented to the Little Pistol, especially one who wants to become a Medium Gun, are the low bands. This generally means 10 MHz and lower, […]

Technical Articles

HF Propagation at the Equinox

All things being equal… Here comes fall, the time of year when the northern hemisphere emerges from the summertime HF doldrums. At the same time, the southern hemisphere hams are […]