Articles written by: Ward Silver, N0AX

Technical Articles

Ham Radio Grounding and Bonding and RFI

Over the past few years, a lot of attention has been developed regarding grounding and bonding. I am pleased that my ARRL book Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur […]


Ham Radio and the April 8 Solar Eclipse QSO Party

Hams being quite focused on solar phenomena, so to speak, many are getting ready for the total solar eclipse coming on April 8. This is the second of two eclipses […]

Technical Articles

CW Pileups for Beginning Ham Radio Contesters

In just two weeks (February 17-18) one of the biggest CW contests in the world will fill the bands from 160–10 meters (except for 60, 30, 17, and 12 meters, […]

Zone Map for DX Contesting
HAM Radio 101

After DXCC—Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve finally logged and confirmed country number 100, joining the ranks of radio amateurs who have gained DX Century Club status. This is a great achievement, and you should […]

Diagram with examples of quarter-wave and twelfth-wave synchronous transformers. (Graphic courtesy of the ARRL)
Technical Articles

Q-Section Feed Line Transformers

What the heck is a Q-section? Long a tool of antenna system designers, the Q-section is a handy way to make a single-band match between a feed line and an […]

Technical Articles

Receivers and Busy Bands

Beginning in early fall, weekends start to fill up with “the majors”—contests that attract thousands of stations which fill the bands with strong signals. November and December are the most […]

Impedance Inversion Diagram
Technical Articles

Ham Radio Tech: When 450 Is Not 450

450…where have I heard that number before? Seems familiar…Oh, right…450Ω window line! Yes, that’s the nominal characteristic impedance of the black plastic-coated parallel conductor transmission line like DX Engineering’s DXE-LL450-CTL. […]

Propagation Graph
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Dipoles–A Domestic Secret Weapon

The dipole is the oldest antenna—Herr Professor Heinrich Hertz used a dipole in his 1888 experiments that confirmed Maxwell’s predictions of electromagnetic waves. The dipole (the word means “two voltage […]

Ground Screen Installed in Yard
Technical Articles

Ham Radio Tech: Ground Screens–the “Magic Carpet”?

Operating portable is always a challenge, particularly with HF antennas that are usually close to the ground and quite a bit smaller than a full quarter- or half-wave. Verticals, especially […]

Worked all parties qso banner
Events / HAM Radio 101

State QSO Parties–Great HF Practice

Once you get your Technician license, the next step is the General. Congratulations, you just earned access to almost every HF frequency amateurs have! (Techs, you have some 10 meter […]