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Guide to Choosing Heil Headsets for Amateur Radio

If you’re thinking about upgrading your station for the VP6R Pitcairn Island DXpedition (October 18 to November 1), you’re going to want high-quality audio equipment in your shack. You can’t go wrong by choosing gear from Heil Sound available at DX Engineering. Heil Sound offers a range of headsets perfect for hours of fatigue-free pile-up busting. Models include…

  • Pro 7 Headsets have passive noise cancelling ability that blocks out background noise, audio balance control, a phase reversal switch for digging out weak signals, and adjustable mic boom.
  • Pro Set Elite Headsets deliver bright, articulate audio to cut through pile-ups. They feature acoustically-tuned chambers that facilitate a high rejection of outside noise.
  • Lightweight and comfortable Pro Set 6 Headsets use Heil’s HC 6 wide-response mic element so you can take advantage of the microphone EQ of your modern transceiver.
  • Heil’s low-distortion BM-DYN-10 Headsets weigh only three ounces, making them a perfect companion for transport in the field, or long hours of contesting and chasing DX at home.

Also available from DX Engineering are headset adapter cables and headset/footswitch packages.

Heil Sound’s legendary founder, audio innovator and Amateur Radio operator, Bob Heil, has been a friend to the Ham Radio community for decades. How did he get his start? Read about his fortuitous relationship with the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and his visit to DX Engineering here.


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