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Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Telescoping Aluminum Antenna Tubing Kit…Plus Some Upcoming Operating Events

The 3Y0J Bouvet Island DXpedition looms in the distance, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the eleventh hour to get your station ready for what may be a […]

Radio Club of America

Commemorating The Transatlantic Test’s Centennial

In the storied history of amateur radio, few dates are more significant than December 11-13, 1921. That’s when members of the Radio Club of America (RCA) and the American Radio […]

ICOM Third- Generation D-STAR Repeater
Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: ICOM Third- Generation D-STAR Repeater

Icom America announced the release of its third-generation D-STAR Repeater, which supports analog, D-STAR, and a mixed mode configuration. While analog operation is for local communications, you can combine the […]

Products & Product Reviews

LDG-Z-100A-DXE Automatic Antenna Tuner with Seven Cable Package Available Exclusively from DX Engineering

For more than 26 years, the automatic antenna tuning wizards at LDG Electronics have been devoted to helping amateur operators make QSOs, execute emergency ops, and get more enjoyment out […]

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Intrepid-DX Group Begins Preparations to Activate Bouvet Island in 2023 (Video)

For legions of longtime DXers, Bouvet Island (3Y) remains an elusive gem in their DXCC crown. And while North Korea (P5) may stand as the undisputed Holy Grail of contacts […]

HAM Radio 101

A Very Abbreviated History of Ham Radio Satellites

Satellites have helped us achieve incredible advances in science, military, and telecommunications fields. They’ve also provided hams incredible opportunities for radio enjoyment. Since the Russians successfully launched Sputnik on October, […]

Products & Product Reviews

Product Showcase: What’s New from Chameleon Antenna?

As the weather warms up and our thoughts turn to enhancing our outdoor Ham adventures, here are a few items you’ll want to put on your wish list from Chameleon […]

HAM Radio 101

What Does It Mean to be a Ham? An Overview of Rules, Regulations, and Responsibilities.

From its early days in the 1900s, Amateur Radio has grown to become a treasured and invaluable communication tool for men and women throughout the U.S. and around the world. […]


Guide to January 2021 Ham Radio Contests

Guide to January 2021 Ham Radio ContestsStart the new year on the air with some vintage radio, RTTY, VHF, and top-band contesting! Plus, bundle up for summer Field Day’s frozen […]


New Product Showcase: DESKTOP-MKII DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker

The audio pros at bhi Ltd. have announced some great news for Hams looking to upgrade the sound quality of their base stations. Building on its exceptional DESKTOP DSP Noise […]