Join Hams from Around the World at DX Engineering’s 2020 New Products Showcase

One of the highlights of DX Engineering’s year is spending time talking everything Ham Radio with fellow operators at Dayton Hamvention®. Because we can’t be with you in person this time, our Elmers will be interacting from a distance at DX Engineering’s 2020 New Products Showcase, Friday, May 15.

Starting at 9 am EDT (1300 UTC), members of the DX Engineering team will be on Facebook Live for a morning packed with information and weekend specials. Be sure to “like” the DX Engineering Facebook page and join us.

From HTs to Dream Stations, DX Engineering is proud to host special events and provide ongoing service to Amateur Radio enthusiasts while continuing to adhere to recommended social distancing guidelines that protect our customers, employees, and communities. Here’s what we have planned for the 2020 New Product Showcase:

Hats Off to You!

From May 15 through May 17, DX Engineering will be including a free DX Engineering ballcap and stickers with every purchase. It’s our way of saying thanks to the Ham Radio community for “sticking together” during this difficult time.

Product Presentations

We’ll be displaying the latest gear from DX Engineering and answering your questions in real time on Facebook Live. Come ready with your questions by clicking on the links below and reading the additional content (bottom of article) found on OnAllBands:

DX Engineering will also be featuring the following new gear:

Find More DX Engineering New Product Showcase Content on OnAllBands

Baluns and Feedline Chokes

Learn more about the benefits of the Maxi-Core® 20 Baluns and Feedline Choke. Plus, check out this article from Ward Silver, N0AX, on Baluns vs. Impedance Transformers, and this explanation of polarity on baluns.

Grounding and Protecting Your Station

Check out further details on DX Engineering’s Ladder Line Surge Protector and other essential gear for protecting your station, including bearing bypass grounding kits, flexible copper grounding straps, utility enclosure packages, and DX Engineering’s Receiver Guard RF Limiters. Grouding problems in the shack? You’ll also want to spend some time with Ward’s article on “Troubleshooting Hum, Buzz, Crosstalk, and RF Pickup.”

Selecting Coaxial Cables and Connectors

Need help selecting the right coaxial cable? Enjoy this article on DX Engineering’s new RG-214 coax, questions you need to ask when choosing cables, and other options for specific applications. Also, we’ve got articles on making your coaxial cables and connectors weather-resistant, tools for prepping coaxial cables, what to look for when buying a coax switch, ensuring better UHF coaxial cable feedlines, and simple rules to avoid confusion about coaxial connectors.

Antenna Wire and Building Wire Antennas

Find out more about DX Engineering’s Hi-Visibility Pink, Green, and Yellow Antenna wire in this article. Then read these blog posts for details on putting the wire to good use: : Video—How to Make a Doublet, a Simple and Effective Multi-Band HF Antenna; What is an End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna?; Low-Power Operating: How to Do More with Less; Resonant vs. Non-Resonant Antennas; Ham Radio Antenna Options for Home and Portable Operations; How to Choose a Portable Mast; Should You Use a G5RV Antenna?; and A Guide to DX Engineering Beverage Systems and Components.

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