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Product Profile: Flexible Copper Grounding Straps

Flexible Copper Grounding Straps are solid, bendable copper straps used to build low-inductance, high-performance grounding systems as an alternative to tinned-copper braid. With a much larger surface area and lower inductance per foot, copper grounding straps reduce RF using skin effect in a way that tinned-braid can’t.

Another benefit is how well they hold up outdoors. While braided wires work well for inside applications, the tinned braid material retains water and is prone to corrosion—a process that’s usually first noticed when the braid begins to turn green. Quick drying copper straps resist moisture, and the eventual oxidation actually protects the strap.

They’re great for use directly in or near soils and will continue to maintain the proper low-impedance connection long after small-gauge wires and tinned copper braids succumb to the elements. Use them for superior antenna feedpoint connections or to create a bus for grounding.

Check out this Facebook Live video of DX Engineering’s own Elmers, Mark, W8BBQ, and Rod, K8RR,  demonstrating the use of Flexible Copper Grounding Straps with equipment and ground rod clamps for surge arrestors (everything you need is available at DX Engineering.) Make sure to visit the DX Engineering Facebook page often for more great tutorials and the latest deals. And for helpful tips on the proper ways to ground equipment, click here for a quick Q & A session.


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