OnAllBands Year in Review: The Year that Was…and Some of Our Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

For many hams, the year 2022 represented a much-welcomed, post-pandemic return to attending Hamvention, Contest University, Four Days in May, Field Day, and other events that dot the annual amateur radio calendar. Others were content operating from home, taking advantage of the range of available contests coupled with sunnier-than-expected news about Solar Cycle 25, which is following the path anticipated by a team of scientists who predicted higher sunspot numbers rather than NASA’s dour forecast of an 11-year cycle similar to #24.

It was an eventful year for DX Engineering. The company acquired Hi-Z Antennas’ lineup of HF directive receiving array products, including its Three-Element V2 Triangular Receive Array SystemsFour-Element V2 4 Square Receive Array Systems, and Eight-Element V2 Multi-Band 8 Circle Array Systems. All Hi-Z products are now produced by DX Engineering’s design/manufacturing team. 

New companies added to the 160-plus manufacturers carried by DX Engineering included:

DX Engineering also:

  • Unveiled its much-anticipated RT4500HD Heavy-Duty Rotator
  • Announced the expansion of its showroom at the Summit Racing Retail Superstore in Tallmadge, OH (completion and grand opening scheduled for 2023)
  • Expanded its customer support team
  • Sponsored the rare activation of Kiska Island (K7K) in July and the upcoming January/February 2023 Bouvet Island DXpedition (3Y0J)
  • Continued to work on the development of innovative DX Engineering branded amateur radio equipment
  • Held its well-attended Sale Day on October 1, which attracted bargain-hunting hams throughout the region who showed up early to grab highly discounted open-box gear.
DX Engineering Sale Day image
DX Engineering Sale Day Items

Many hams from around the globe went online weekly to view DX Engineering Facebook Live shows hosted by Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO (Tuesdays, Tim and Jeff, KB8ZWT; Thursdays, Manufacturer Showcase; Fridays with Tim). Weekly shows along with loads of other videos are available on DX Engineering’s YouTube Channel.

It was also a busy year for OnAllBand bloggers, who continued to entertain and inform with their insightful posts. Here are a few of our favorites from 2023:

Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ

Kim Klimas

Troy Blair, KE8DRR

Mark Haverstock, K8MSH

Sean Kutzko, KX9X

Ward Silver, N0AX

Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA

Wayne Marks, KE8JFW

Thanks to all the hams out there you continue to read and comment on our posts. Here’s wishing you all a happy New Year and prosperous, log-filled 2023!



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