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New Product Spotlight: NexTek Lightning and Surge Protectors

It only takes a fraction of a second and one unfortunate strike to seriously damage or disable unprotected ham radio equipment. That’s why conscientious operators leave no stone unturned when safeguarding their investment. It’s also why you’ll see so much space in the DX Engineering catalog devoted to grounding and lightning protection, including DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Grounding Brackets and Ladder Line Surge Protector, Paradan Radio Antenna Disconnect Actuators, and ERICO Copper Grounding Bars, to name a few of the products designed to help hams sleep better a night.

You can add to this list Coaxial RF Lightning and Surge Protectors from NexTek—a company that has been designing, developing, and manufacturing solutions for hams and businesses worldwide since 1986. NexTek’s PTC, PTI-BB50, and PTR series DC block and DC pass arrestors provide dependable, long-lasting wideband performance to protect equipment from electromagnetic pulse or power surges, while ensuring low SWR/insertion loss and no degradation of signal.

PTI-BB50 Series DC Block: These 50-ohm devices incorporate a blocking capacitor and gas discharge tube to provide isolation with no DC continuity between the two center pins. Rated for a maximum RF power of 2.0 kW, this series is designed to pass RF frequencies and block all DC. They are made for a broad frequency range (1.5-1,000 MHz), can handle a maximum current surge of 50 kA, have multi-strike capability (20 kA multiple), are RoHS and CE compliant, and include a grounding bracket for flange or bulkhead mounting (choose from N Type Female/N Type Female and N Type Male/N Type Female versions).

PTC Series DC Pass: These bulkhead-mount, 50- or 75-ohm arrestors feature either a 90V, 350V, or 800V fixed gas-discharge tube and are designed to pass DC current. The rugged, waterproof PTC Series delivers bi-directional protection; boasts a frequency range of 2.5, 3.0, or 3.2 GHz depending on model; have a maximum RF power rating of 25W, 550W, or 2,900W; and can handle a maximum current surge of 20 kA or 50 kA.

PTR Series DC Pass: This 50-ohm, bulkhead-mount arrestor features a replaceable gas-discharge tube, a frequency range up to 3.2 GHz, the ability to handle a maximum current surge of 50 kA, 240W RF power rating, and bi-directional protection.

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