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DX Engineering Acquires Hi-Z Antennas Amateur Radio Products

DX Engineering has acquired Hi-Z Antennas’ full lineup of HF directive receiving array products for amateur radio operators, ensuring that the company’s devices will continue to be available to hams worldwide. DX Engineering has been the exclusive dealer of Hi-Z equipment since 2013.

Hi-Z devices will now be produced by DX Engineering’s design/manufacturing team. Customers should direct all inquiries and requests regarding Hi-Z Antennas products to DX Engineering.

Hi-Z founder, CEO, and chief engineer Lee Strahan, K7TJR, became interested in low-band operating more than two decades ago after reaching Japan on 160 meters while contesting. He began building array systems for personal use, but after publishing one of his designs on the internet, drew the attention of like-minded hams. Since then, Hi-Z’s singular focus has been on producing and refining receiving systems that deliver reduced noise, superb weak-signal HF reception, and reliable performance, especially for 160/80 meters and AM DXing.

“The time has come for me to pass along Hi-Z Antennas’ technology to DX Engineering,” said Strahan, a licensed ham since 1962. “It is my wish that they will usher in a new pinnacle of performance as they carry forward Hi-Z’s latest designs and ideas. It is great to know that Hi-Z will be in such capable hands.”

Hi-Z’s product offerings include 3-, 4-, and 8-element receive array systems; array phasing controllers; receive antenna switches; remote switch control consoles; band-pass filters; receive testing units; amplifiers and preamplifiers; matching transformers; and power injectors. All Hi-Z products are available at

“Hi-Z Antennas’ high-quality, high-performance products have been used with great success by many DX Engineering customers, including some of the world’s top DXers and contesters,” said Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO. “We are happy to add Hi-Z to DX Engineering’s family of amateur radio brands. The acquisition makes good sense for our company as well as operators around the world who will benefit from Hi-Z’s years of experience in perfecting receiving arrays and components.”

Among Hi-Z’s signature products are the redesigned Three-Element V2 Triangular Receive Array Systems, Four-Element V2 4 Square Receive Array Systems, and Eight-Element V2 Multi-Band 8 Circle Array Systems. These packages come with Hi-Z’s element amplifiers, phasing controller, Shack Switch 2, and matching transformer. Ground-mounted vertical elements are sold separately.

Hi-Z joins these other highly regarded amateur radio brands which DX Engineering has acquired over the years: Butternut Antenna, Clifton Laboratories, Comtek, Top Ten Devices, and TransWorld Antennas.

About DX Engineering
DX Engineering is a leading manufacturer and retailer of amateur radio gear with more than 20 years of service to hams worldwide. Headquartered in Tallmadge, Ohio, the company carries thousands of products, including transceivers, antennas, towers, amplifiers, CW equipment, and coaxial cables. Staffed by active ham radio operators, DX Engineering prides itself on providing both new and experienced operators with knowledgeable customer/technical support in all aspects of the hobby, from Digital to EmComm, contesting to DXing.

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