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New Product Showcase: Samlex SEC-1235P-M 13.8 VDC Desktop Power Supply

The technical team at Samlex has some great news for operators looking for a lightweight, reliable desktop power supply with updated features, upgraded performance, and international flexibility—the SEC-1235P-M 13.8 VDC. […]

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Choosing a Power Supply for Your Station

Are you building your first station or returning to Ham radio from a long hiatus? Unlike gear from past decades, today’s Ham radios operate on 13.8-volt power. Why 13.8V? It’s […]

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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022 Part 3: Batteries, Generators, and Power Supplies

One of the exciting aspects of Field Day is the challenge of operating with power sources you’re not accustomed to using, including batteries, generators, and solar panels—even water-driven, bicycle-powered, or […]

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Linear Versus Switching Power Supplies—A Few Options for a Successful Field Day

In previous Word of the Day posts, we discussed two common power sources for portable operations on Field Day—batteries and generators. Today, we’re going to take a brief look at […]

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Choosing Battery Power and Accessories for Ham Radio Field Day

One of the great things about Field Day (June 27-28, 2020) is that it gives you an opportunity to stray from your comfort zone, especially when it comes to using […]

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Energize! Power Options for Portable Ops

No matter where you operate, you’re going to need electricity. Some portable scenarios will allow you to use commercial power, of course, but for most situations, this means a battery. […]

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Product Spotlight: Alinco DR-MD520T Advanced Tri-Band Mobile DMR Transceiver

Here’s some welcome news for fans of mobile ops. The experts at Alinco have added another high-performance rig to their already impressive lineup—the DR-MD520T Advanced Tri-Band VHF/UHF/DMR Mobile Transceiver. This […]

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Minimizing Interference on Field Day

Whenever two or more transceivers are used in close proximity, there is some level of interference involved. This level can vary from practically no problem at all to actually overloading […]

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Coming Soon! microHAM Amateur Radio Products to be Sold  Exclusively in North America by DX Engineering

WiMo of Herxheim, Germany, has appointed DX Engineering as the sole North American distributor of contesting and DXing products from microHAM, a company based in the Slovak Republic. WiMo, market […]

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New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Getting Started Packages for Base Operations with a Mobile Transceiver

For hams who have just earned their license or have been out of the hobby for a number of years, the task of assembling a station from scratch can be […]