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New Product Spotlight: Paradan Hi-Rate Headset and Foot Switch Combos 

Like so many products made for the amateur radio community, the handy devices from Paradan Radio spring from the fertile minds of active operators who know a thing or three […]

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Ham Radio to Go: Portable Hamming

Yes, you can take it with you. Today’s smaller transceivers and accessories allow you to operate from anywhere, whether it’s a cabin at the lake, a weekend at Uncle Joe’s, […]

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New Product Spotlight: Yaesu M-90D Desktop Microphone 

As any ham knows, the hobby that occupies so many hours of our time has never been a stagnant pursuit. When Heraclitus famously stated, “No one steps in the same […]

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Using the Icom IC-705 in the Field

Now that summer is here and the pandemic is winding down, grab some radio gear and head outdoors. It’s the season for portable operations and finally getting out of couch-potato […]

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Gear Up for Field Day 2021, Part 2

As Field Day 2021, June 26-27, inches closer, why not take care of the details now instead of waiting until the last minute? After all, the event is still very […]

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The Pros and Cons of Using an Amp with QRP Radios

Less is more. QRP (low power operation) is becoming quite popular among hams who take a minimalist approach to amateur radio communications. Some radio amateurs who are licensed to use […]

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Hey Hams, Let’s Give a Shout Out to WSPR!

When I want to check for information on propagation conditions, I often look at the N0NBH solar-terrestrial data banner that appears on many ham radio sites. But if you want […]

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What Was Your First Rig/Setup Like? My TenTec Argonaut 515

Many of us have fond memories of our first rigs. My first rig was a TenTec Argonaut 515. My decision to purchase this particular rig was actually greatly influenced by […]

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Ferrite—An Inexpensive Way for Hams to Improve Their Time on Air (Part 1): DX Engineering Color-Coded Ferrite RF Noise Reduction Kits

We’ve talked a great deal in OnAllBands about the benefits of using selected mixes of ferrite toroids and beads to block and dissipate RF currents—a technique for suppressing radio frequency […]


Hams You Should Know: William “Tommy” Hayes, NE5TH, DX Engineering Customer Support Specialist

Have you ever wondered who was the Ham on the other end of your call to DX Engineering? Well, we thought you’d like to know. OnAllBands will be running a […]