Articles written by: Mark Haverstock, K8MSH

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Ham Radio Digital Modes: There’s Something About Olivia

FT8 has taken over ham radio by storm in recent years, especially in the digital mode category. Just look at any spotting site, like DX Summit, and you’ll see an […]

Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Ham Radio Tech: Do Snow, Rain, and Ice Affect Antennas?

Yesterday, a heavy rainstorm caused some high SWR readings to appear on my station’s power meter. I thought things would return to normal after the storm passed, which they eventually […]

Royal Greenwich Observatory
HAM Radio 101

Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Zulu Time

So what’s this Zulu Time and how does it relate to ham radio? Zulu Time is the military name for Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Its time is fixed at Prime […]

Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

In the Loop: Delta Loop Antennas

Looking for a wire antenna that’s inexpensive, easy to build, and works great for DX above 40m? A delta loop and its variants can make an effective single-band or multiband […]


Ham Radio 101: Caught Up in the Net

Looking for a place to hang out on the air? Want to know what’s going on locally in amateur radio? Find the net! Net is shorthand for network. Networks can […]

ARRL Volunteer participation certificate
HAM Radio 101

Imagine Yourself as an Amateur Radio Volunteer Examiner

Getting a ham license used to be an involved process. Before 1984, most amateur radio licensing examinations were only administered directly or indirectly by the FCC. Amateur radio exams could […]

Grounding System Diagram
Technical Articles

How to Improve Ham Radio Station Grounds

After antennas, station grounding is probably the most discussed topic in amateur radio. It’s also the one having the most misconceptions—or is that myth-conceptions? One of the biggest myths: Ground […]

Sangean Portable Radio
HAM Radio 101

World Radio—Stayin’ Alive

You can hear all sorts of cool things on World Radio (shortwave). Although there are fewer shortwave broadcasters than in the past, more are returning to the airwaves due to […]

HAM Radio 101

Be a Show-Off for Amateur Radio

We know that amateur radio is the greatest hobby in the world—it has something for everyone. But what about the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t know what ham radio […]

DX Commander Rapide HF Multiband Vertical Antenna
Products & Product Reviews

DX Commander Rapide HF Multiband Vertical Antenna Product Review

It’s good to have choices. DX Commander has six multiband verticals that can be used in a variety of applications, from HF permanent installations to portable deployments. We recently reviewed […]