Articles written by: Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ

Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ, is District Emergency Coordinator, D3 Ohio ARES.

Is PSK31 Still a Thing?
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Is PSK31 Still a Thing?

Who has used PSK31? More accurately, who has used it lately? And I don’t mean for any contests dedicated solely to PSK31, but as an actual mode of communication. What […]

Assorted Antenna Adapters
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Building an Antenna Adapter Collection and Keeping Track of It

When I first became an amateur radio operator, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take within the hobby. Not yet knowing where my interests lay or what I […]

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Ham Radio Headphones, Headsets, and Speaker Microphones in the Field

One of my favorite parts of ham radio is public service events. It is sure a lot of fun to help serve the community. One thing you quickly notice, though, […]

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AUXC Qualification in Ohio

Most people know about the AUXCOMM course from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For those who do not, here is a quick rundown from my previous AUXCOMM article: The […]

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What is Amateur Radio Direction Finding?

Also known as fox hunting or radiosport, amateur radio direction finding (ARDF)is a sport that combines the use of ham radio gear, a topographic map, a magnetic compass, and orienteering […]

HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio 101: Mapping APRS in the Car

APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is such a handy thing to have in your vehicle, and it’s not only about vehicle tracking. It is a single information resource data gatherer […]

Dash-mounted radio
Products & Product Reviews / Transceivers and Receivers

I Miss Radios with Dual Volume Knobs

I mean, I guess it doesn’t need to be physical double knobs. There could theoretically be one knob and some other way it switches to the second channel for volume […]

HAM Radio 101 / Technical Articles

Mobile Radio Installation for Beginners

You can find a lot of information on any ham radio subject. People will tell you that you need to do this setup or that setup. Who should you listen […]

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Ham Radio Tech: HT Bluetooth and Phone Connection Issues

One of the biggest things I was excited about when I got my Kenwood TH-D74 was Bluetooth connectivity. I would put it in my window and use the TNC on […]

Technical Articles

Ham Radio Tech: Winlink on iPhone/iPad!

I have previously written about ham radio software for the Mac and a companion piece about applications for iOS on the iPhone and iPad. My greatest struggle was always Winlink. […]