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New Products Spotlight: RigExpert Shackmaster Power 500 Power Supply and 3000 Zoom Antenna Analyzer

The release of the 2024 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog is drawing near. To whet your appetite for all the new equipment featured inside, we’ve been highlighting gear you’ll find within its 132 pages—antennas, transceivers, amplifiers, speakers, headsets, paddles and keys, antenna tuners, and more.

The good news is you won’t have to wait for the arrival of the catalog to purchase the products we’re showcasing in today’s post. They’re available right now at, along with 30,000-plus items from more than 175 manufacturers. Today’s featured gear comes from the amateur radio innovators at RigExpert:

Shackmaster™ Power 500 Power Supply

This space-saving and sturdy desktop 36A/13.8V power supply boasts 500 watts of continuous power; a mains input range of 80-264 VDC and 47-63 Hz; customizable touchscreen panel for on-off, power, voltage, amperage, and temperature readouts; a display that visually rotates to support horizontal or vertical orientation; and an Intelligent Protection System that provides safeguards against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits. Other features include:

  • Low EMI and acoustic noise (21 dB operation)
  • Multiple connectivity options (full power 5V USB A and USB B charging ports, 13.8V front and rear panel 45A rated Powerpoles, and 30A rated rear panel binding posts)
  • Real-time remote control with a USB C to USB A cable (available everywhere) and RigExpert REAMP Logger Software for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu 21.10 operating systems (free download)
  • Automatic management of portable generator frequency and voltage fluctuations
  • Compliance with CE safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements and FCC regulations
  • Sleek design that will look great in your shack

Plus, the Power 500 goes through four phases of quality control checks before arriving at your station—your guarantee that you’ve made a solid choice.

AA-3000 Zoom Antenna Analyzer

A ham radio operator’s best friend in the field, antenna analyzers are versatile devices for maximizing station performance and troubleshooting a range of issues. Take a moment to read this OnAllBands post from Mark, K8MSH, “Proper Use of Antenna Analyzers for Ham Radio Operators.”

The AA-3000 Zoom is the latest in RigExpert’s lineup of SWR/impedance measurement instruments (0.1 to 3,000 MHz frequency range) for checking and adjusting antennas and cable length; velocity factor measurements; discovering cable faults; measuring the parameters of other RF elements like capacitors, inductors, transformers, and traps; and much more.

The unit features a large 800 x 480 pixel color TFT display with BlanView technology, which enables the display to create high contrast and crisp images even in bright circumstances in which sunlight hits the display surface directly. Weighing only 23 ounces, the AA-3000 Zoom includes Bluetooth version 4.2 (single-mode, Class B); a built-in helper display at the touch of a button; five hours of operating time (continuous measurements); SWR, R X, RL, and Smith Charts; and SWR on five chosen frequencies at once.

Downloading and installing the analyzer’s Android application for your smartphone/tablet or AntScope2 for your netbook or laptop enables these features:

  • Operate the analyzer remotely
  • Galvanically isolate the analyzer from the computer device
  • See the characteristics of your antenna in more detail
  • Locate cable faults in TDR mode
  • Share measurement results through social networks

The AA-3000 Zoom includes:

  • Silicone Case
  • Battery Charger
  • Three AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Type-N to SO-239 Female Adapter

The AA-3000 Zoom Antenna Analyzer is also available as a combo with a NANUK case (choose from 10 case colors). The case comes with cubed, sectioned foam so you can remove the portions you need to securely fit the analyzer and accessories for safe transport.

NANUK cases are built tough, too. These watertight carriers—available in a range of sizes—are constructed from high-impact resin that makes them strong yet lightweight. NANUK PowerClaw latches make sure they stay closed.

For more details and to order the RigExpert AA-3000 Zoom Antenna Analyzer, visit

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