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microHAM Rotator
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Coming Soon! microHAM Amateur Radio Products to be Sold  Exclusively in North America by DX Engineering

WiMo of Herxheim, Germany, has appointed DX Engineering as the sole North American distributor of contesting and DXing products from microHAM, a company based in the Slovak Republic. WiMo, market […]

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New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Getting Started Packages for Base Operations with a Mobile Transceiver

For hams who have just earned their license or have been out of the hobby for a number of years, the task of assembling a station from scratch can be […]

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New Product Spotlight: Chameleon CHA RXL Receive Loop Antenna and Upgraded F-Loop 3.0

DX Engineering carries a wide array of high-performance products manufactured by Chameleon Antenna for effective operating on the go or when space is limited at home, from the MPAS Portable […]

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Getting Your Share in Ham Radio

Mom always said to share. That’s good advice, even for hams. But what if sharing is a pain—plugging and unplugging, moving connections, or constantly rewiring to coordinate your station? Sure, […]

Ham Radio Splatter Readout
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When it Comes to Ham Radio, Splatter Matters

In the course of my ham operations, I sometimes hear stations that splatter, some more than others. Last week, there were a couple of DX stations that obviously wanted to […]

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DX Engineering Winter Purchasing Guide (Part 6): Equipment Cases/Covers, Maps, and QSL Card Holders

Today’s Winter Purchasing Guide article includes a cornucopia of ideas for transporting/storing your equipment and adding some practical and decorative touches to your shack—all available at Equipment Cases Gators […]

Rip-Tie Cable Key
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DX Engineering Winter Buyer’s Guide (Part 2): Get Your Cables Under Control

In our first installment of DX Engineering’s Winter Purchasing Guide, we tackled the important topic of weatherproofing your coaxial connectors and other equipment. While certainly not as exciting as a […]

AlexLoop HamPack Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna System
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New Product Spotlight Videos: AlexLoop HamPack Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna System

October has arrived! Who’s ready for some POTA, SOTA, IOTA, and whatever other OTA you can think of? If you’re fans of operating in the great outdoors like we are, […]

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New Products Spotlight: Fresh Gear from Chameleon, bhi, and Alinco

Today’s blog post features new products from three manufacturers devoted to helping hams get the most out of their time on the air. You’ll find them all at bhi […]

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Product Spotlight: ACOM 2000SW Remote Antenna Switch and 2000S Antenna Selector Console Set

The name ACOM has become synonymous with high-quality HF Linear Amplifiers—a staple in ham shacks around the globe. DX Engineering is proud to carry the full lineup, including the 2000A, […]