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Ham Radio Contest Season Upgrades for Your Station (Part 1)

For hams with a competitive streak, nothing beats the first signs of fall because that signals the arrival of some of amateur radio’s biggest on-air events, including: CQ Worldwide DX […]

Field Day

Amateur Radio Mic Fright and GOTA Stations

Mic fright is a general term for anxiety leading to freezing, choking, and/or hesitating when speaking into a microphone. The physiological response of worrying about saying the correct thing to […]

HAM Radio 101

Celebrating Early Ham Gladys Kathleen Parkin, 6SO, SK, who Broke Stereotypes by Building Her own Equipment and Station

Amateur radio is no small hobby with more than three million hams setting up shacks across the globe, but, surprisingly, only 15 percent, or around 450,000, of those hams are […]

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It’s All in the Cards! QSL Cards from Chatham Islands

Editor’s Note: Every month, DX Engineering features QSL cards from our team members’ personal collections. To highlight upcoming DXpeditions, we’ll be displaying a few of our favorite cards along with details […]

Products & Product Reviews

Manufacturer Spotlight: HA8KF Magnetic Keyer Paddles

DX Engineering is well known for spanning the globe to bring hams the constant variety of amateur radio. While the preceding sentence may sound like a shameless copy of how […]

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EMCOMM: A Look at Break Tags and Prowords Used During Emergency Communications

Break Tags Break Tags are a method of getting attention and establishing message priority. They have been used with great success in large public/emergency services nets. There are seven common […]


Hams Complete Successful DX Engineering-Sponsored Kiska Island Activation (Video)

What did it take for the K7K DXpedition team to record more than 11,600 QSOs during their damp and windy stay on Kiska Island (NA-070) in the Aleutians? Watch operator […]

Products & Product Reviews

Going on Vacation? Great Options for Bringing Ham Radio Along for the Trip (Part 5)

Earlier this month we looked at mobile rigs you should consider for your road trip to your vacation destination, including the Icom IC-2730A VHF/UHF FM Transceiver, the Yaesu FT-2980R 2M […]

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Is There a Place for FT8 in the Ham Radio Contest World?

Some types of automation have long been accepted in contesting: keyers, DVKs, keyboard CW, auto-repeat CQ, history files, and decoders for RTTY. Other types of automation have not been accepted […]

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Remembering Shintaro Uda, Co-Inventor of the Yagi-Uda Antenna (June 1, 1896 to August 18, 1976).

History is filled with scientists and inventors whose contributions didn’t get their just due. As we’ve discussed previously in this blog, Alfred Vail played a significant role in the development […]