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Solar Cycle 25 Update

What does Solar Cycle 25 have in store? While no one can know for sure, here’s the latest news from the National Weather Service. Based on results of NOAA’s Solar […]

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Why You Should Strongly Consider the Benefits of Silver-Plated Bulkhead Connectors vs. Other Metals

When troubleshooting less-than-desired Amateur Radio station performance, sometimes it’s best to think small. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to look at the “big picture” later (antennas, transceivers, etc.), but it’s […]


DX Engineering Cancels Second Annual August Hamfest

Citing public health concerns, DX Engineering announced the cancellation of its second annual DXE Hamfest, which was scheduled to be held at its headquarters near Akron, Ohio, on August 8. […]

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Hamvention® 2020 Club of the Year: the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society 

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) is no stranger to activities designed to advance the Amateur Radio community. For its work, the group will be recognized this year as […]

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DX Engineering Antenna Tilt Base Solutions—OMNI-TILT™ Vertical Antenna Tilt Base

In this installment featuring DX Engineering tilt base solutions, we go back five years to the creation of the latest innovation for worry-free raising and lowering of vertical antennas—the OMNI-TILT™ […]

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Why Saddle Clamps Are a Good Choice for Amateur Radio Building Projects

In our blog’s ongoing exploration into the importance of paying attention to details when constructing an antenna, we would be remiss not to showcase the saddle clamp—the versatile fastener designed […]


Staying at Home? It’s a Good Time to Build or Upgrade Your Go-Kit

The worldwide COVID-19 outbreak has confirmed to many Hams what they have been preaching to skeptics for years: You can never be too prepared for a crisis. Amateur operators, especially […]

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DX Engineering’s First Virtual New Products Showcase Draws Hams from Around the Globe

Hundreds of Amateur Radio operators joined DX Engineering’s team of Elmers on Facebook Live May 15 for the company’s first-ever New Products Showcase—a virtual presentation of the latest DX Engineering […]

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Product Profile: Yaesu’s FTdx-101D and FTdx-101MP HF/50MHz Base Transceivers—A Look at These Elite Rigs One Year Later

Released in spring 2019, Yaesu’s FTdx-101 Series transceivers created the kind of positive buzz (not RFI buzz!) that Hams love to hear—fresh rigs combining hybrid narrow bandwidth SDR technologies with […]

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Check in and Check Up on the Community

Taking a vacation day and staying home from work sounds like a really good idea—until it happens every day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Hams are staying home to […]