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New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering CC-4 Four Position Control Console

Over the last couple of months, OnAllBands has highlighted some of the new products available at, including:

Some items are so new you won’t find them in the latest DX Engineering Catalog of Amateur Radio Products, like today’s featured offering from the active operators at DX Engineering—the DXE-CC-4 Four Position Control Console.

This handy device is used for remote switching of relay control devices requiring one of three positive voltage control lines with a ground return.

It’s compatible with the WIMO Remote Polarization Switches (WMO-18080, 18081, 18082, and 18083) and the Unified Microsystems UMS-RAS-4 Receive Antenna Switch. The DXE-CC-4 is an essential component for manual control of the UMS BevFlex-4X-Q Four-Direction Reversible Beverage Antenna System. The DXE-CC-4 can be used in other applications using this control scheme.

DX Engineering CC-4 Four Position Control Console dxe-cc-4_eo_xl
(Image/DX Engineering)
DX Engineering CC-4 Four Position Control Console dimensions
(Image/DX Engineering)

Features include:

  • Large rotary knob
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Non-skid feet
  • On-Off toggle switch
  • Four green LEDs indicating position chosen
  • Erasable position label fields
  • Filter capacitors on each line
  • Internal automatic resettable fuse
  • 2.1mm power plug for +13.8 VDC power connection

To see the complete lineup of DX Engineering branded equipment—from Telescoping Fiberglass Tubing Sets to Maxi-Core 20 Baluns and Feedline Chokes—visit


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