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What Does the Customer Say? Hustler BTV Series Vertical Antenna Add-On Kits: Part 1, 17M Add-On Kit

As we’ve said many times at OnAllBands, if you want the real scoop on a ham radio product, ask someone who has used the device to make QSOs during a heated contest, fight through a pileup while chasing a rare station, operate from a temporary setup in the middle of a park, or get on the air through their local repeater.

Listening to honest opinions from folks who have spent their hard-earned money on equipment is a smart step in making sure you’re buying products that will deliver as advertised. You’ll find many opinions online and at, where customers rate their purchases from one to five and often include a detailed explanation of how they use the product, their advice on installation and operation, and the results they received.

Sometimes the reviewer will offer informed criticism or make a suggestion for an upgrade—something the team at DX Engineering takes very seriously when assessing our own branded products to make them easier to use and more efficient. In short, your thoughts on what you buy from us matter. Today, we’ll be looking at reviews of the BTV-AOKC-17M DX Engineering 17M Add-On Kit for Hustler 4/5/6-BTV Vertical Antennas

DX Engineering 17M Add-On Kit for Hustler BTV Vertical Antennas drawing
(Image/DX Engineering)

Let’s start with this link to a detailed review by WB0KWJ of the 17 meter add-on kit, which notes that the kit is “easy to assemble, works well, and is worth the price.”

Rather than homebrewing an add-on that may or may not work, the review says you’ll save a lot of time (the reviewer was able to use the kit within an hour of opening the box) with a “tested, effective design made of weather-resistant materials.”

(Image/DX Engineering)
base of a vertical ham radio antenna
Base view of 4-BTV with DXE-AOKC-17M and DXE-VMN-1 Antenna Matching Network. (Image/DX Engineering)


17M Add-On Kit Reviews from

Five Stars: “Easy to add to my 4-BTV. Has a flat SWR without tweaking and did not affect SWR on the other bands. Worked seven countries with 100 watts in the first week, so I’m happy.”

David, DX Engineering Customer
DX Engineering 17M Add-On Kit Contents for Hustler BTV antenna
(Image/DX Engineering)

Five Stars: “This is a very simple add-on kit made of high-quality materials with excellent assembly and install instructions. After installation on my 4-BTV, no tuning was needed for 17m. I was satisfied with the 1.3:1 SWR across the band. Also, the add-on did not alter any other bands as far as SWR or performance. I have the antenna on a DX Engineering OMNI-TILT so install was simple. As far as cost, price is in the mind of the buyer; yeah, DIY will be cheaper, but the convenience and quality of this kit makes it worth it in my mind. Now with the 30m and 17m add-on, I have a very low visual impact installation that performs way better than I thought it could on every band.”

Stephen, DX Engineering Customer


Five Stars: “Assembled and installed on my Hustler 6-BTV in less than two hours. Used the initial settings derived by the 12m kit, and out of the box I had a 1.5:1 and lower SWR across the band. This install actually dropped my already good SWR across most of the bands on my antenna. After the install I proceeded to establish a QSO with a DXpedition in Uganda in FT8 with 35 watts. Fantastic!”

Mark, DX Engineering Customer


Five Stars: “Followed the instructions that came with it, got it installed, and checked the SWR across the band and it was below 1.5 across it. Works great.”

Dennis, DX Engineering Customer


Find complete details of the DX Engineering 17M Add-On Kit for Hustler BTV Series Vertical Antennas at, along with Hustler vertical antennas, antenna packages, resonators, antenna matching network, replacement parts, and BTV add-on kits for 80M, 60M, 30M, and 12M, which we’ll discuss in future OnAllBands posts. 

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