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Brushing Up On Math: Some Basic and Handy Calculator Tools for Hams

Uh-oh, just lost half the audience at the title! Don’t despair, you needn’t be an engineer to do the simple calculations we all encounter in ham radio, sooner or later. […]

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Just Got Your New Ham License? Get on the Air Fast with These New HT Packages!

Getting Started HT Radio Packages For many newly licensed Hams, the quickest way to start enjoying the hobby is with a handheld transceiver, commonly referred to as an HT or […]

Technical Articles

Microphone Spotlight: New Offerings for Icom and Yaesu

Ask any longtime Ham and they’ll tell you what a difference an upgraded microphone can make for your transmissions. We’re pleased to showcase two new mics that can help take […]

Technical Articles

Antenna Safety—Look Before You Install

The most important thing you can do when putting up an antenna is to look before you install. Go outside and survey your property. Consider every suitable location for your […]

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It’s All in the Cards! Cincinnati Reds 1990 World Series 30th Anniversary

Editor’s Note: Every month, DX Engineering features QSL cards from our team members’ personal collections. Usually we showcase ones from entities that are currently active or will soon be QRV. However, […]

HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio Contesting Etiquette for Contesters and Non-Contesters Alike

Why, yes, there is etiquette in contesting! Even though it may sound like chaos in places, there is a method in the madness. Every sport has its etiquette—certain things you […]

Products & Product Reviews

Product Spotlight: DX Engineering RG-400 High Isolation Double Shielded 50 Ω Coaxial Cable

DX Engineering is excited to announce that its stellar-performing RG-400 High Isolation Coaxial Cable Assemblies are now available with BNC male ends in addition to 83-1SP ends. These assemblies bring […]

HAM Radio 101

A Very Abbreviated History of Ham Radio Satellites

Satellites have helped us achieve incredible advances in science, military, and telecommunications fields. They’ve also provided hams incredible opportunities for radio enjoyment. Since the Russians successfully launched Sputnik on October, […]

Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Introduces the NOISELOOP Portable Receive Flag Antenna Kit and Preamplifier

For amateur operators frustrated by unidentified RFI problems, DX Engineering has a new weapon to help you combat unwanted noise and get more enjoyment out of operating. Now available from […]

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Invite DX Engineering CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, to Your Amateur Radio Club Meeting

Whether your Amateur Radio club has started meeting in person or is still going the virtual route, keeping members fully engaged isn’t always easy. Here’s an idea that is sure […]