HAM Radio 101

IK2QPR Ham Radio QSL Card from French Polynesia
HAM Radio 101

DXpedition QSO Etiquette

Today, we look a little closer at how to handle yourself when you’re one of many Hams attempting to make contact with a sought-after station. First, be courteous. Many Hams […]

DX Code of Conduct list
HAM Radio 101

What is the DX Code of Conduct?

Imagine that on your daily commute to work, every driver decided to ignore traffic laws and cast aside common courtesies. Pass on the right—why not? Bump a subcompact into a […]

DX Engineering hamfest banner ad, 2019
HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Flea Market

One of the highlights of any Hamfest is the flea market. Why? Because you never know what you’ll find—an old radio or misfit piece of amateur gear to add to […]

Icom IC-9700 ham radio transceiver
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Word of the Day: ICOM IC-9700 VHF/UHF/1.2 GHz Transceiver

In our last Word of the Day column, we talked about the details of DX Engineering’s first Hamfest—a free event August 10, 2019, at the Summit Racing Equipment Retail Super […]

DX Engineering hamfest artwork 2019
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DXE Hamfest Overview

Live in Ohio or a neighboring state? Looking for a road trip that will satisfy your Ham Radio and muscle car jones in one fell swoop? Then don’t miss DX […]

HAM Radio 101

What is “Moving Multipliers?”

An operating technique where one asks over the air for a station that is a multiplier (e.g., a new country, state or section) to move (QSY) to a different band […]

a ham radio repeater station atop a mountain
HAM Radio 101

Advice on Ham Radio Repeater Etiquette

Here are a few pieces of advice on repeater etiquette that bear repeating from John Devoldere, ON4UN, and Mark Demeuleneere, ON4WW, who wrote “Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: What is “QRV?”

In today’s Word of the Day entry, we tackle QRV—one of early radio’s Q-Signals. These abbreviations beginning with the letter Q were used by operators to save time and simplify […]

a map of the united states
HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: WAS (Worked All States)

If you’re fairly new to Ham Radio and want to get involved in long-distance operating (DXing), before you decide to “work the world,” why not try to “work all states” […]

Word of the Day: Fox Hunting
HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Fox Hunting

Fox hunting, also known as transmitter hunting, is a fun and challenging part of Amateur Radio that not only gets you out of the shack, but can help you hone […]