HAM Radio 101

Biography: Jack Smith, K8ZOA (SK)

Some Amateur Radio operators leave behind such a legacy of hard work, high-level thinking, and pure devotion to the advancement of the hobby that their call sign will never fade from memory. Jack Smith, K8ZOA (SK) was one of those individuals. A lawyer, engineer, experimenter, inventor, and longtime friend of the Ham Radio community, Jack founded Clifton Laboratories, a provider of innovative products for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. DX Engineering purchased Clifton Laboratories from Mr. Smith only a short time before his passing in June 2016, with a commitment to manufacture Clifton products with the same level of care he was known for providing to his customers.

Today, DX Engineering offers the Clifton Laboratories’ Z10000 Buffer Amplifier Kit and Z10046 High-Gain Preamplifier.

In addition, Mr. Smith left a treasure trove of technical articles and blog entries that shouldn’t be forgotten either. As a service to the Ham Radio community, DX Engineering will be periodically sharing Mr. Smith’s vast knowledge and insights on OnAllBands. Here is a link to an article he wrote on Audio Transformer Measuring and Modeling. Look out for most entries in the days ahead.


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