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CW FISTS Club Overview

For those interested in expanding their knowledge and opportunities to use their CW skills, today’s Word of the Day column highlights an organization exclusively devoted to Morse code operation.

Founded in 1987 by G3ZQS, the CW FISTS Club (The International Morse Preservation Society) is dedicated to promoting Morse code around the world. The organization boasts chapters in the Americas; Australia; Europe; and East Asia. FISTS hosts frequent CW operating events, including sprint contests, Tuesday Activity Day (a non-contesting chance to get on the air and make some CW contacts), and “Get Your Feet Wet” Activity Day for newbies. From the FISTS Americas website:

“The purpose of this FISTS activity is to provide new or less experienced amateurs the opportunity to make CW contacts and learn to enjoy the mode. Operating in contests, QSO parties, or DX pileups is not a very good place to try operating CW for the first time. This activity will provide a periodic opportunity to encourage new and inexperienced amateurs to get on the air and practice operating CW. Hopefully many experienced CW operators will be willing to get on the air, slow down their CW, and help ‘Elmer’ our new and less experienced members.”

Visit the club’s website for a complete events calendar; grid square calculator; dipole/inverted vee calculator; the organization’s newsletter, the KeyNote; membership information; and more.

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