HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: COMPACTenna

From time to time, our Word of the Day feature will highlight an innovative product from the world of Ham Radio. Today, we look at COMPACTenna’s patented line of small, multi-band antennas (7 to 58 inches tall) designed for high performance, a small ground plane, and no tuning required of the antenna structure. Small enough to fit in the attic, a closet, or outside without drawing attention, they’re a smart choice for HOAs, condos, apartments, or anywhere you—or your neighbors—don’t want large antennas. Mounted on vehicles, these antennas can provide easier passage into a garage or drive-thru. Choose from dual-band, tri-band, six-band, shortwave, radio receive, combined CB/2M/440, and scanner antennas. The SCAN-III model (100-1,500 MHz) is optimized for public service-safety and government frequency bands.

Read more about COMPACTenna at DXEngineering.com.


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