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Prepping for the Pitcairn Island VP6R DXpedition

One of the biggest DXpeditions of the year is officially only about a month away. Time to start thinking about logging Pitcairn Island, the least populous national jurisdiction in the world and the spot where, in 1790, mutineers from The Bounty settled after famously burning the ship. The VP6R DXpedition to the small volcanic island is scheduled for October 18 to November 1. DX Engineering is a proud equipment sponsor of the DXpedition, providing a range of gear including:

400MAX DX Series Low-Loss 50-ohm Coax Assemblies

NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing System

RF-PRO-1B Active Magnetic Loop Antenna

TFS4 Series B Transmit Four Square System and Phasing Cables

Phased Array Quarter Wave Tuned Cable

RADP-3 Radial Plates

The team will be using the DX Engineering custom designed and fabricated 90-foot top-loaded 160M vertical antenna originally built for the 3Y0Z Bouvet Island DXpedition.

The antenna features:

  • Heavy-duty hinged pivot base with custom base insulators to accommodate a 40 foot falling derrick made with three inch diameter pipe
  • Base fed using two inductors to match to 50 ohms
  • The first 70 feet of the vertical is an aluminum tower (12 inch face) and the top 20 feet is tapered diameter aluminum tubing
  • Guying at 30, 50 and 70 feet
  • Three 30 foot top-loading wires attached to the top of the tubing that are tied to anchors 60 feet out from the base

Get yourself acquainted with the VP6R SSB, CW, RTTY, and FT8 Band Planshere.

For complete details, visit the VP6R website. And when you’re ready to upgrade your station’s DXing capabilities, DX Engineering has chaser packages featuring transceivers, antennas, linear amplifiers, headsets and more.


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