HAM Radio 101

What is the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)?

Today’s Word of the Day column focuses on another organization committed to keeping CW alive and clicking—the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC). Founded in 2006, the group boasts close to 21,000 licensed amateur mechanical-key CW operators. Membership is free. The group’s website features membership information; CW Beginner’s Corner; operating event details (e.g., K3Y 2019 Celebration, QSO Parties, Straight Key Night, Monthly Brag); awards; CW blogs; and much more.

From the SKCC Facebook page: “The first day of each month, at 0000hrs Zulu, is designated as a monthly operating event that allows SKCC members or non-SKCC members to work each other for credit. Contact 100 SKCC members and qualify for a certificate of accomplishment!”

Ready to join? Get your station ready with mechanical keys and all your CW needs at DXEngineering.com, including (keys, paddles, electronic keyers, PaddlePads, code practice oscillator kits, and accessories.


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