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Moonraker SWR power meter
Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: Scanner Antennas, SWR/Power Meter, and More from Moonraker Ltd.

The 2023 edition of the DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog is still a few months away, but the hams at OnAllBands are an impatient bunch, and that’s good news […]

sat antenna tracker module
Products & Product Reviews

New Manufacturer/Product Spotlight: Self-Contained Antenna Tracker (S.A.T.) from CSN Technologies

DX Engineering is always on the lookout for the coolest new ham radio products on the planet. All the better when we get to add a new manufacturer to our […]

alexloop video review still shot
Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Video Review of the AlexLoop HamPack Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna System

Looking for a proven, easy-to-deploy antenna that’s ideal for portable ops or space-restricted areas? Have we got a video for you. DX Engineering friend and fellow ham Josh Nass, KI6NAZ, […]

Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: WiMo PicoAPRS and VHF Receiver with GPS Receiver

If WiMo’s PicoAPRS transceiver were a member of the Marvel Universe, we highly suspect it would be Ant-Man—small, versatile, deceptively powerful, and easily stepped on if you’re not careful. In […]

Icom ID-52 handheld ham radio HT
Products & Product Reviews

Ham Radio Product Review: Icom ID-52A

The Icom ID-52A VHF/UHF Multifunction D-STAR Handheld Transceiver didn’t replace the ID-51A, but it is a worthy successor with a lot of capabilities. It is the first handheld with a […]

dx engineering copper plate grounding kit
Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Aluminum Radio RF Ground Plane Kits

A couple of years ago DX Engineering introduced hams worldwide to its Copper Radio RF Ground Plane Kits. It was a new concept designed to thwart an old nemesis—RF interference […]

graphic EQ display for a ham radio
Station Accessories / Technical Articles

Ham Radio Equalizers | Getting the Most from Your Ham Radio’s Equalizer

Got a TX problem? Audio working against you? Chances are your radio has a solution built into its menu. Some call it transmit bandwidth (TBW) while others know it as […]

Arco antenna rotator controller box
Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: ARCO Smart Antenna Rotator Controller

When it was announced last year that WiMo of Herxheim, Germany, had named DX Engineering as the sole distributor of microHAM products in North America, the buzz among the amateur […]

Icom IC-705 Ham Radio in box
Products & Product Reviews / Transceivers and Receivers

Ham Radio Equipment Review: Icom HF/50/144/430 MHz IC-705 Transceiver

It has been almost two and a half years since the FCC approved the Icom IC-705 transceiver for sale in the United States. I have had the privilege of owning […]

Antenna analyzer and protective case
Products & Product Reviews

DX Engineering Ham Radio Holiday Gift Guide (Part 6): Antenna Analyzers and Weatherproofing Kits!

Remember those magical winter mornings as a kid, running down the stairs in your Bullwinkle footie pajamas, joyously ripping open a pristinely wrapped box of rubber splicing tape, and exclaiming, […]