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SAT Antenna tracker kit
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Taking a Close Look at the Self-Contained Antenna Tracker (S.A.T.) from CSN Technologies: Video Overview and Review

Whether you’re already a fan of operating amateur radio satellites or have always wanted to get involved in this exciting aspect of the hobby, take 16 minutes out of your […]

sangean emergency weather radio with solar panel
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Severe Weather Preparedness Month (Part 1): Gear to Protect Your Family

Being prepared is something ham radio operators understand well. After all, many longtime amateur radio folks first learned the magic of Hertzian waves through Scouting, where the longtime motto “Be […]

rohn antenna tower pieces on a pallet
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Ham Radio Products for Tower and Antenna Season

Yesterday, March 20, marked the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. For some, that’s the time when thoughts turn to crocuses, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths popping up all […]

Acom ham radio signal amplifier
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New Product Spotlight: Toptek and Acom Amplifiers, Plus an Acom Tuner

Leading up to the Bouvet Island 3Y0J and Crozet FT8WW DXpeditions, HF amplifiers topped many hams’ wish lists for station upgrades. With the 2023 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog […]

box of NTE PVC Wire
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New Product Spotlight: Coax Cable Guards, Feedpoint Connectors, and Wire Assortment Kits

We’re inching closer to the release of the 2023 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog. Can you feel the excitement? We thought so. While we’re still a couple of months […]

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Video Review: WiMo PicoAPRS Version 4 (Plus a Look at the PicoAPRS-Lite Transceiver Module)

In a previous post about Version 4 of WiMo’s tiny but mighty PicoAPRS created by Taner Schenker, DB1NTO—now with even more functionality thanks to the addition of a 2M transceiver—OnAllBands […]

wire antenna installation illustration over a home
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Guide to No-Tune Antennas for Ham Radio

Despite the mixed eHam reviews, a friend of mine decided to purchase a Comet CHA-250HD vertical antenna to use when camping. It’s sold as a broadband HF/VHF vertical that does […]

Rigexpert stick antenna analyzer
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New Product Spotlight: Stick 500 RigExpert Antenna Analyzer

OnAllBands has devoted a fair amount of space to the antenna analyzer—and for good reason. This handy, versatile tool is a Swiss army knife in a ham’s toolbox, performing a […]

telescoping ham radio mast kit
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Reaching New Heights with Telescoping Masts for Ham Radio Operations

The telescopic antenna mast is popular with many hams. It’s simple to install and reasonably inexpensive to purchase, offering an alternative to a tower for supporting a modest antenna. A […]

Chelegance magnetic loop antenna on window sill
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New Product Spotlight: Antennas from Chelegance

If you look in the dictionary under the word “diverse,” you won’t find Chelegance mentioned, but you probably should. The offerings from this ham radio provider run the gamut from […]