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Ham Radio Gift Ideas: DX Engineering Tool Kits, Beverage Containers and More

What do amateur radio tool kits and beverage containers have in common? On the surface, not much. But when they come from DX Engineering, one commonality jumps out—they both make excellent holiday gifts for the ham radio enthusiasts in your life. Also, you can be assured that whether your gift recipient will be prepping coaxial cable with a stripping tool or chugging coffee from a 30-ounce tumbler, you’ve given a lasting present that will be greatly appreciated!

Here’s what you’ll find at

If you’re not sure what tools to give (we’ll get to those in a moment), you can’t go wrong with the DX Engineering Canvas Tool Bag.

The bag features a durable, water-repellant canvas fabric; reinforced bottom with anti-skid feet; and a heavy-duty, two-way zipper enclosure designed to keep your tools safe. The 20″ x 11″ x 10″ DX Engineering Tool Bag features 27 pockets (six inside and 21 outside) and comes with a detachable carrying strap and permanent handles for easy transport. Blogger’s note: It also makes an excellent musician’s gig bag.

Coaxial Cable Tool Kits

Carry everything you need to prep and install soldered connectors on your coaxial cable. The Basic Coax Tool Kit (DXE-UT-KIT3) is tailored for RG-213 and RG-8 cable with PL-259 connectors. It includes a stripping tool, gripping tool, specialized PL-259 assembly tool, cable shears, and carrying case.

Upgrading to the Complete Coax Tool Kit (DXE-UT-KIT4) gives you the tools to work with RG-8/X size cable and Type N connectors. It comes with specialized stripping, gripping, and assembly tools. You also get a braid trimmer, replacement blades for the stripping tool, and carrying case.

What do hams say about the Complete Coax Tool Kit?

Five Stars: “I have never used a tool/kit so well suited for its intended purpose than this one. I’ve been making up coax cables with UHF connectors throughout my 65 years in electronics, and this is the first time I’ve enjoyed the process.”

Coaxial Cable Prep Tool Kit for Crimp Connectors

Available for many cable types, the complete Coaxial Cable Prep Tool Kit for Crimp Connectors (DXE-UT-KIT-CC1) makes it easy to properly prepare coaxial cable for DX Engineering or Amphenol Connex crimp connectors. Just place the end of your coax against the internal stop of the cutting tool, close the cutter and twist. The cable is cut to the correct measurement. Place the coax in the other side of the cutter, close it, and withdraw the cable—the coax jacket is now slit for easy removal of the cut portions. You can select from the complete kit or buy each cutter separately.

Ultra-Grip 2 Crimp Connector Hand Tool Kit

The Ultra-Grip 2 kit (DXE-UT-KIT-CRMP2) includes everything you need to make professional-quality crimps on coaxial and Powerpole connectors. The ratcheting steel crimper is designed to fit ergonomically in your hand to reduce fatigue. The kit comes with the Ultra-Grip 2 tool, five crimp dies, shears, braid trimmer, Allen wrench, and case. Dies are precisely sized for RG-8U, LMR-400, RG-8X, and LMR-240 type cables, along with specialized dies for Powerpole 15A, 30A, and 45A connectors, as well as insulated and un-insulated wire terminals. Dies and grip tool also sold separately. To expand the kit’s functionality, purchase extra crimp dies made to handle various common crimp connector types in several sizes.

F-Connector Coax Cable Tool Kit

This F-connector kit (DXE-UT-KITF) includes stripping tool for RG-6U dual-shield/quad-shield and F-6 size cable, 25 Universal Compression F-connectors for any RG-6U or F-6 cables, F-connector compression tool, coaxial cable shears, F-connector tightening tool, and stripping tool replacement blades. The universal connectors fit any RG6 cable, eliminating the hassle of using color-coded F-connector types.

Leatherman Multi-Tools

Not sure what coax prep tool kits to give? Bypass that conundrum with a Leatherman Multi-Tool! DX Engineering carries more than 30 Leatherman Multi-Tools that are finely made to perform a range of tasks. For example, the stainless steel Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool (below) is a wire stripper, wire cutter, knife, sharpener, saw, safety whistle, pliers, hex bit drive, hammer, awl, bottle opener, carabiner, box end wrench, and fire starter rod—and at 4.5 inches long, it’s easy to take just about anywhere. Find all models of Leatherman Multi-Tools at

We’ve just scratched the surface of tools available at DX Engineering. The full lineup includes Anderson Powerpole Insertion and Extraction Tools, Eclipse Desktop Inspection Lamps, soldering stations and accessories, and much more at

Beverage Mugs and Tumblers

Well, all this tool talk has made us thirsty at OnAllBands. And what better way to quench our thirst than with a beverage container from DX Engineering! Choose from these options:

The DX Engineering logo 30-ounce vacuum-insulated tumbler is made from double-wall stainless steel. Equipped with a leak-resistant, gasket-sealed acrylic lid, this “Kong-sized” vessel (8 inches tall) is designed to keep drinks hot for two hours and cold for up to 36 hours.

Also check out the DX Engineering 20-ounce mug; the ARRL W1AW mug, featuring a sketch of the iconic station; ARRL stainless steel blue insulated tumbler; DX Engineering 17-ounce stainless steel mug; and DX Engineering 26-ounce water bottle. Shown in order below:

Find lots of other DX Engineering gift ideas at, including tote bags, sport bags, folding chairs, portable 10 foot x 10 foot canopy shelters, cinch bags, shirts and hats, and the crystal DX Engineering Christmas ornament.

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