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Holiday Gift Guide (Part 3): Shortwave and Weather Radios

While ham radio equipment remains the bread and butter of DX Engineering, you’ll find many other items at sure to please the amateur radio enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list. These useful gifts for hams and non-hams alike are guaranteed to keep your friends and loved ones well-informed, entertained, and prepared for the unexpected.

Shortwave Radios

DX Engineering carries a nice selection of shortwave radios in a range of prices. Eton offers six finely built Elite Series radios that deliver wide coverage and user-friendly functionality:

  • Elite Mini AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio:Features include 5.900-17.900 MHz shortwave tuner frequency range, alarm, sleep timer, FM telescopic antenna, built-in AM ferrite bar antenna, high-contrast bright orange LCD display, and carrying pouch.
  • Elite Traveler AM/FM/LW/SW Portable Radio: Features include 3150-21950 kHz shortwave tuner frequency range; 150-285 kHz longwave; Digital HD Radio in North America and DAB+ internationally; automatic or manual digital tuning; FM with RDS (Radio Data System); displays station’s call letters, music genre, song title, artist, and more; alarm; sleep timer; snooze; FM telescopic antenna; built-in AM ferrite bar antenna; and leather case.
  • Elite Executive AM/FM/LW/SW/SSB/Aircraft Band Portable Radio: Features include 1.711-29.999 MHz shortwave tuner frequency range; 150-285 kHz longwave; automatic or manual digital tuning; FM with RDS; PLL tuner that ensures a clear AM signal; built-in Sync Detector that improves sound quality by lowering distortion and fading; 31-inch, telescoping antenna and internal ferrite rod antenna; 700 station presets; local and world time zone settings; alarm clock with a radio or buzzer alarm; sleep timer; and leather carrying case.
  • Elite 750 AM/FM/LW/SW/SSB/Aircraft Band Portable Radio: The Elite 750 includes many of the features of the above models plus DSP technology for enhanced tuning sensitivity; a selectable wide/narrow bandwidth for reduced interference on some frequencies; station selection and tuning via numeric keypad or button tuning; 1,000 memory channels divided into two sets of 500 channels (100 for each band) plus 500 customizable channels; directional 360-degree rotatable ferrite-bar antenna suited for AM broadcast DXing; four-inch built-in speaker with a full two watts of audio output; separate bass and treble tone controls; and more.
  • Elite Satellit HD AM/FM/SW/LW/SSB/Aircraft Band Portable Radio: Features of this digital HD radio include AM/FM with RDS; HD Sync Detector for improved sound quality and sensitivity to pick up weaker signals; 1,700 memory channels; dual conversion super heterodyne circuit for minimized interference; Digital Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesized tuning with Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) for drift-free frequency stability; variable-rate tuning knob, direct keypad frequency entry, up/down push buttons, and auto-tuning; direct shortwave band entry; Single Sideband Synchronous AM Detector; and IF Passband Tuning, which functions in AM and SSB and helps reject interference.

From the innovators at Sangean, a company that has been producing exceptional radios since 1974, comes the ATS-909X2 World-Band FM/SW/NW/LW/Air Band Portable Radio.

An upgraded version of the company’s popular ATS-909X model, it features a larger LCD screen with high brightness backlighting; a separate headphone amplifier; SSB tuning steps of 10 Hz or 20 Hz; wideband coverage from long wave, medium wave, and shortwave to AM/FM broadcast and Air Band; three programmable wake timers; 42 world-city times stored; selectable AM wide/narrow filters; direct frequency tuning, car scan, manual tuning, memory recall, and rotary tuning; AM RF gain control; 1,674 station presets; and much more.

Be sure to check out these excellent OnAllBands articles on how to get the most from your new radio: World Radio—Stayin’ Alive and An Introduction to AM DXing.

Weather Radios

DX Engineering is proud to carry a range of rugged and reliable emergency radios that make excellent holiday gifts for family and friends. Eton offers several versatile weather radios that provide multiple power options for just about any situation:

  • FRX3+ AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio (below): Simply plug in its micro-USB cable to charge the onboard 3.7V 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Includes built-in solar panel to keep it topped off when you’re on the go. Or turn its hand crank for four minutes to produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of broadcasting. Charge your smartphone or tablet by plugging into the USB port and the FRX3+ provides a charge of greater than 50% for most devices. Eton’s FRX2 model has a rechargeable 1,000 mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • Sidekick AM/FM/NOAA Portable Weather Radio: Features include Bluetooth connectivity; bright LED flashlight; charging by USB or hand crank; 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery; and S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology that will send weather alerts for your specific location.

Also select from these other Eton weather radios available at

DX Engineering carries more weather radios from Sangean, including the MMR-99 AM/FM-RDS/Weather/Bluetooth Emergency Radio. The MMR-99 radio delivers excellent performance and peace of mind in a rugged package.

This emergency radio covering AM/FM-RDS and seven NOAA weather channels can be charged by hand-cranking, DX-In power by USB Type-C, or by included solar panel. The radio also serves as a portable battery to charge smaller devices and can be used as a flashlight with 15 different lighting patterns for emergencies or other situations. It runs on a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion 3.7V 2600 mAh battery and comes with weather alert functionality, memory bank with up to 40 station presets for AM/FM radio, Auto Tuning System, adjustable bandwidth, Bluetooth, IPX55 rating against dust and water, reinforcements on each corner to resist damage from drops, and more.

View all Sangean weather radios at, including weather alert pocket radios, tabletop weather alert radios, and unique AM/FM/NOAA weather clock radios (below):

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