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New Product Spotlight: Kenwood TH-D75A Tri-Band 144/220/430 MHz D-STAR/APRS Handheld Transceiver

Announced during Dayton HamventionÒ 2023, Kenwood’s latest venture into the HT realm, the TH-D75A, drew a lot of attention from excited hams, many of whom have spent the last several months eagerly awaiting the official release of what the manufacturer calls “the Next Phase in the Evolution of the Handheld Transceiver.”

DX Engineering was there to shoot this video during the unveiling, where Don Arnold, W6GPS, gave a rundown of the signature features of Kenwood’s new flagship HT.

Now here’s the great news: This tri-band handheld—packed with many features that go above and beyond the popular TH-D74A model, including an APRS Standalone Digipeater—is being sold through DX Engineering. As of this posting, more TH-D75A models are on order and should be arriving in a few weeks. We’ll let you know as soon they’re available. In the meantime, you can place your order today at

Worth the Wait

The TH-D75A adds some exciting upgrades over the TH-D74A, including:

  • Simultaneous reception of two D-STAR signals—one on Band A and one on Band B
  • Reflector Terminal Mode for more convenient communication via D-STAR reflectors, including compatibility with MMDVM commands and the ability to be connected to a D-STAR reflector via a Windows PC or Android device with a third-party application such as BlueDV—without the need for a mini-RF device such as a hotspot.
  • Standalone Digipeater Function: This enables the TH-D75A to operate as a temporary digipeater station in the field, allowing APRS coverage to be expanded even in mountainous locations.
  • Enhanced Voice Guidance: Upgrades over the previous model include variable speed (four levels), variable volume (one to seven), VOL-linkage, and more than 770 phrases. The TH-D75A also comes with support for call sign reading with phonetic codes.
  • USB Type-C port for serial communications, audio in/out, and battery charging.

Along with the new features and an ergonomically designed body for comfortable operation and maximum efficiency, the TH-D75A comes with the familiar perks that have grown a legion of Kenwood HT fans:

  • Compatibility with the APRS Communication Protocol, which allows real-time two-way data transmission using packet communications. This includes the TH-D75A’s Relative Display Compass for at-a-glance information (distance, direction, heading, and speed) relating to your own station and another station; maximum storage of 100 stations; real-time messaging between stations running APRS; and QSY functionality.
  • D-STAR Compatibility: This includes flexible operation enabled with voice and data modes, such assimplex, single repeater relay, and inter-repeater gateway, making communications possible with both local and worldwide stations; superb digital voice clarity; DV fast data mode that sends data on unused voice frames to achieve faster throughput and smoother data transmission; and simple access to your desired repeater from a provided list, with up to 120 entries stored in a log to easily recall stations.
  • Wideband and Multimode Reception: Wideband reception is enabled on Band B. In addition to wideband reception on 0.1 to 524 MHz bands, reception in LSB/USB/CW/AM modes is also possible.
  • IF Filters for Reduced Reception Interference: The rig is equipped with IF filters to attenuate adjacent signals during SSB or CW operation.
  • IF Output Mode: An IF signal with a central frequency of 12 kHz and a bandwidth of 15 kHz can be output via the USB port. By using a third-party PC application, users can also employ the PC’s band scope to check the status of nearby frequencies while listening to the sound received by the TH-D75A.
  • Built-in audio equalizer enables the setting of a five-band RX EQ (0.4 to 6.4 kHz) and a four-band TX EQ (0.4 to 3.2 kHz) to suit user preferences.
  • Much more: Other features include a 1.74-inch TFT transflective color LCD to ensure excellent visibility both indoors and outdoors; stylish flat low-profile keytops for high operability; IP54/55 protection from water and dust; high-performance GPS patch antenna, enabling closest APRS/D-STAR repeater search and automatic time correction; compatibility with Bluetooth HSP/SPP; support for a microSD/SDHC memory card; and free software available for download from the Kenwood website.

The TH-D75A includes:

  • Antenna
  • 1820 mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Power Adapter
  • Belt Clip
  • Warranty Card
  • User Guide

For many more details and to place your order for the Kenwood TH-D75A Tri-
Band D-STAR/APRS Handheld Transceiver, visit

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