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I Miss Radios with Dual Volume Knobs

I mean, I guess it doesn’t need to be physical double knobs. There could theoretically be one knob and some other way it switches to the second channel for volume control.

Basically, dual monitoring with the radio at separate sound levels is what I miss. It is super convenient when you have two nets that you need to monitor simultaneously.

The Icom IC-W32A is an HT that I bought off of eBay when I was a newer ham. I had read about its characteristics and knew it was one that I wanted. Although finding and maintaining batteries at this point is a lot of work, the dual volume control is a must-have feature at several events I work that require monitoring multiple bands. The other HTs that I own have dual band monitoring, but when the HT is on a belt loop and an earpiece or headset is on, how can one tell which station the traffic is coming through on?

My newer mobile setup includes a Kenwood D700 as described in my last article about mobile installations. Again, it has dual volume knobs. I leave one channel exclusively on APRS. I know many radios include the ability to silence APRS noises; however, I like hearing just the faintest of background sounds to know that it is functioning in a satisfactory manner. That isn’t achievable in radios that have on or off only—another win for dual volume knobs.

Directly in the middle of the above picture of my home setup is my 2 Meter/440 rig. It’s a Kenwood TM-733 donated to me by my Elmer upon the demise of the V/UHF radio that I had in my station. Again, I have the dual volume knobs so I can monitor two different bands at different volume levels.

Where is this feature now? Where did it go?

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