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Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Mount Plates for Tilt Base Antenna Mounting Systems

Today’s OnAllBands post is a lesson in “you get what you pay for.” As prudent consumers, it’s not unusual for us to compare pricing without fully exploring why one offering […]

Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Product Spotlight: Boost Your Top Band Capabilities with the DX Engineering 160 Meter THUNDERBOLT® Vertical Antenna

There are numerous exciting and challenging DXing opportunities on the horizon—and for many avid DXCC chasers, nothing presents a greater challenge than making contact on 160 meters. DX Engineering is […]

dx engineering signature vertical hf multi band antenna
Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

6 Different Models of DX Commander Antennas in Stock & Ready for Purchase at DX Engineering

Six different models of popular DX Commander antenna packages are in stock (as of the date of this posting) at DX Engineering and are available at for immediate purchase. […]

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Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Guide to No-Tune Antennas for Ham Radio

Despite the mixed eHam reviews, a friend of mine decided to purchase a Comet CHA-250HD vertical antenna to use when camping. It’s sold as a broadband HF/VHF vertical that does […]

telescoping ham radio mast kit
Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Reaching New Heights with Telescoping Masts for Ham Radio Operations

The telescopic antenna mast is popular with many hams. It’s simple to install and reasonably inexpensive to purchase, offering an alternative to a tower for supporting a modest antenna. A […]

alexloop video review still shot
Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Video Review of the AlexLoop HamPack Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna System

Looking for a proven, easy-to-deploy antenna that’s ideal for portable ops or space-restricted areas? Have we got a video for you. DX Engineering friend and fellow ham Josh Nass, KI6NAZ, […]

Acom ham radio rf amplifier
Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Ham Radio Amplifier Buyer’s Guide 2022

As the year winds down and you begin to assess your station’s needs moving forward, now’s a great time to consider boosting your contesting prowess for 2023 or upgrading your […]

Rigexpert AA-55 Antenna analyzer
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Proper Use of Antenna Analyzers for Ham Radio Operators

Antenna analyzers are generally used during the building and tuning of antennas. It’s a tool that helps you physically adjust the length of the antenna and check the entire antenna […]