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New Products Spotlight: VE2DX TrueCIV Icom Transceiver Interface Data Hubs, Remote Antenna Switches, and More

Based in Quebec, VE2DX Electronics was founded by longtime amateur radio operator Richard Desaulniers, Sr., VE2DX, with the purpose of creating innovative and useful electronics products for the ham radio community. DX Engineering is pleased to now carry VE2DX TrueCIV Icom Transceiver Data Hubs, Remote Antenna Switches, Portable Two-Inch Meter Displays, and the exciting Icom Digital Meter HDMI Display TrueCIV Interface.

“We are very excited to add the VE2DX Electronics lineup of amateur radio products to our list of more than 175 manufacturers from around the world,” said Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO. “We’re always looking for well-made, unique, and practical devices that make our customers’ on-air experiences easier and more enjoyable. VE2DX’s interface data hubs, digital meter HDMI display, and other items are a perfect fit for the high level of quality equipment we make available at DX Engineering.”

“I’m very happy with our partnership with DX Engineering and look forward to even more operators benefiting from our current devices and those we’ll be introducing in the months ahead,” said Richard, VE2DX. “Together with DX Engineering, VE2DX Electronics purchasers can continue to expect the best in customer service and technical support.” 

Watch the video below of Tim, K3LR, interviewing Richard, VE2DX:

 Icom Digital Meter HDMI Display TrueCIV Interface

This small electronic device (IM1-HDMI V2) connects Icom transceivers to any size HDMI flat panel monitor or TV for an amazing multi-function meter display. It simultaneously interfaces to a PC and multiple accessories via USB, Bluetooth, and CI-V. 

VE2DX TrueCIV 5-Port Icom Interface Data Hubs

These data hubs connect the interfaced transceiver’s CI-V data stream to multiple accessories simultaneously. VE2DX’s TrueCIV creates a new CI-V TTL standard that is unmatched for CI-V signal performance, signal integrity, maximum link length, and RFI prevention. These hubs deliver perfect CI-V data to many types of tuners, band pass filters, and more. From the legacy IC-735 to the newer IC-7300 and IC-9700, hubs interface all Icom CI-V 3.5mm remote port radios to all types of station devices including frequency-based band decoders, smart antenna switch controllers, and amplifiers, all using simple 3.5mm patch cables. Powered via a USB C port, VE2DX data hubs make it easy to interface multiple devices to your Icom radio.

Choose from these models:

Bluetooth Models

The hubs below feature CI-V over Bluetooth and a 5-port hub that connects the interfaced transceiver’s CI-V data stream to multiple accessories simultaneously. These devices are the perfect electronic remedy for the missing physical CI-V port on the IC-705. Instead, this Bluetooth device pairs with the IC-705 to send data to its five TrueCIV ports. Alternatively, this interface can use CI-V over Bluetooth to pair with the computer to isolate it from the RF side of any Icom station.

2-Inch Digital Display Meters

VE2DX’s IM1-4BTPLUS V2 Icom Digital Meter and TrueCIV Interface is a high-quality two-inch meter display and TrueCIV version 2 data hub for most Icom transceivers. This unique mini-screen device can show two bar graph meters or two needle meter displays, as selected with two front panel buttons, as well as other transceiver status indicators. This specially programmed VE2DX device ingeniously samples Icom transceiver CI-V data to display available information in multiple formats, depending upon radio model. The meter includes CT17B-MICRO v2 internal 3-port hub with TrueCIV.

It also features a programmable alarm any time your SWR goes over 3:1 and integrated magnets in the back and bottom of the device to simplify installation on your portable equipment or in your shack. NOTE: VE2DX IM1 Meter devices are not transceiver screen adapters and do not display a bandscope. This meter display unit frees up the main display of the 7300, 9700, and 705 for bandscope operations. The IM1-4BTTUFF V2 TUFF METER model is waterproof for outdoor operation.

SO2R 2X6 Remote Antenna Switches

VE2DX SO2R 2X6 Remote Antenna Switches provide selection of any six antennas for connection to two radios, covering the frequency range of 1.8 to 54 MHz. All control signals are RFI filtered as are all VE2DX printed circuit boards with shielding on both sides. Each SO-239 antenna port features five relays to achieve a design with over 80db port isolation and full legal-limit power handling. The simplicity of this 2X6 design allows the use of only two coax cables from the station to the tower. Both radio inputs have access to any of the unselected six antenna outputs. Switches are available in 24VDC or 12VDC relay versions.

Visit for much more information on products from VE2DX and to place your order. Also check out check out this article from OnAllBands blogger Mark, K8MSH, on “Making the CI-V Connection.”

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