HAM Radio 101

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HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio and Morse Code in Popular Culture…Halloween Edition

For the Halloween edition of OnAllBands’ look at Morse code and amateur radio in books, movies, and television, we turn our attention to some eerie pop culture references from sources […]

HAM Radio 101

Be a Show-Off for Amateur Radio

We know that amateur radio is the greatest hobby in the world—it has something for everyone. But what about the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t know what ham radio […]

HAM Radio 101

Being a YL in Ham Radio (a personal experience)

All right everyone, let’s talk about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly—I am a YL in ham radio. The GoodStraight up—I adore breaking through pileups. I am a […]

HAM Radio 101

Public Information Officers in Amateur Radio

A Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for creating and growing a positive public image for an organization. These officers may perform a wide range of public relations management tasks […]

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Ham Radio 101: Parks on the Air® (POTA)

CQ POTA! Where do you hear and/or see that and what does it mean? Parks on the Air®, or POTA, is an international amateur radio operation that encourages licensed hams […]

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HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio History: ARRL Foundation

September 21, 2023, marked 50 years since the ARRL Foundation was formed. While partnered with the ARRL (American Radio Relay League), the ARRL Foundation stewards philanthropic support for amateur radio […]

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HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio and Morse Code in Popular Culture (Part 3)

For Part 3 in our series on ham radio and Morse code in movies, television, and music, we travel back in the time machine to the 1960s for a show […]

HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio and WWV/WWVH—a Brief History

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? If the band Chicago listened to WWV, they could have answered this question from their hit song. Tuning into 10 MHz, or […]

HAM Radio 101

Amateur Radio and Morse Code in Popular Culture…Some of Our Favorite Examples Part 2

Our first article on references to ham radio and Morse code in movies, television, and music received such a good response that we decided to go a second round. Here […]

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HAM Radio 101

A Look at the Ham Radio Volunteer Examiner Coordinator System

The FCC created the Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) system to provide initial licensing examinations for prospective hams and upgrade examination opportunities for those already licensed. The VEC organizations oversee the […]