Articles written by: Kim Klimas

HAM Radio 101

Hams You Should Know: Margaret Iaquinto, VK3NQQ, SK, the Amateur Who Talked to Russian Cosmonauts from Her Kitchen Table

What do ham radio, piloting aircraft, and folk dances have in common? All three were hobbies acquired by amateur radio enthusiast Margaret (King) Iaquinto, VK3NQQ, SK, a New Haven, Connecticut […]


Celebrate International Women’s Day by Participating in the YL POTA Party

Watch out “Old Man” hams! The Young Ladies Radio League, Inc. (YLRL) is celebrating its 85th year as the premier amateur radio organization run by and for the advancement and promotion […]

H.L. Hunley illustration
Amateur Radio News

Special Event Station N4HLH Honors the H.L. Hunley’s Civil War Victory as the First Submarine to Sink a Warship

On February 17, the Trident Amateur Radio Club will be operating from special event station N4HLH at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina to commemorate the 1864 historic sinking […]

Herbert Hoover Jr. at Ham Radio station
HAM Radio 101

Hams You Should Know: Herbert Hoover Jr., W6ZH, Son of U.S. President Herbert Hoover

The eldest of 31st President Herbert Hoover’s two sons, Herbert Charles Hoover, W6ZH, better known as Herbert Hoover Jr., shared more than just a common name with his highly influential father. […]

HAM Radio 101

Airplane Scatter: How Hams are Taking Radio Signals Skyward to Ping Airplanes

If you’re a “been there, done that” kind of ham who has bounced a radio signal off everything from the moon to a meteor to the Aurora Borealis, we bet […]


Participate in Straight Key Month 2024 this January: Straight, Bug, and Cootie Keys, Oh My!

So, you’ve mastered Morse code! But does that include dit-dit-dahing the old-school way using manual CW operation on a mechanical key like a bug, straight key, or cootie? If it […]


Amateur Radio: The Ultimate WWII Ally, Plus December Special Events to Remember Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor: A Catalyst to War One hour and fifteen minutes. That’s how long it took for Japanese forces to bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, with devastating results. […]

HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio History: Father Marshall D. Moran, 9N1MM: The Voice of the Himalayas

A Chicago native born on May 29, 1906, Marshall D. Moran, 9N1MM, was a Jesuit priest who served as part of the Missouri Province of the Society of Jesus. His […]


Special Event to Celebrate the First Two-Way Transatlantic QSO on November 18

The Amateur Radio Club of Savannah (ARCS) will be onboard the Nuclear Ship Savannah (N.S. Savannah), a designated National Historic Landmark docked in Baltimore for a special operating event on […]


Interview with HamSCI Founder, Dr. Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF (Part 2)

We’re back with HamSCI founder, space physicist, electrical engineer, university professor, and longtime ham who we could easily include more titles and accolades for based on his many contributions to […]