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Book Your 2022 HamCation and ARRL National Convention Trip to Orlando, Florida this February!

Don’t miss Contest University while you’re there! The world’s second largest Hamfest will be in full swing this year from February 11-13 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Park […]

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Wireless History: Jack Phillips, Heroism and Missteps Clash Aboard the “Unsinkable” Steamship

Jack Phillips, Titanic senior wireless operator, turned 25 on April 11, 1912—one day after the Titanic sailed out of Southampton harbor. He is primarily remembered for his nonstop efforts to […]

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Hustle and Get Your ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program Applications in Before December 31!

If you’re a ham pursuing higher education or know of one—it’s go-time to get those ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program applications in before the December 31, 2021 deadline (11:59 PM EST—if […]

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Harold Cottam: The Wireless Operator Turned Hero Who Helped Save Lives on the Sinking Titanic

A happenstance hero of sorts, Harold Cottam is the radio operator who on a whim made contact with Jack Phillips, senior wireless operator aboard the Titanic, not knowing the ship […]

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The Hurricane Watch Network: Another Way for Hams to Help Out

The Hurricane Watch Network (HWN) is a ham-run organization that safeguards communities against the threat of hurricanes. The network activates when a system reaches hurricane status, is within 30 miles […]

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Happy Birthday to Alfred Vail: The Other Morse Code Mastermind

On May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse, who is widely credited with inventing Morse code, used his newly invented electromagnetic telegraph to send the first Morse code message from Washington, D.C. […]

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Attention Hams: Get Ready for the Annual Perseid Meteor Shower!

The average person looks for messages written in the stars, but when you’re a ham with next-level radio skills you bounce radio signals off of meteors to get your message […]

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The IARU: What Does it Do and How Does it Help You?

When it comes to influential ham-run organizations, it’s hard to contend with the reach of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). The expansive organization, founded in 1925, is comprised of […]

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Ham Radio 101: Cross Cultural Communication Made Easy with Q-Signals

Q-signals are a system of radio shorthand originally derived from old-school telegraphy codes. They date back as far as the advent of wireless radio. Used frequently among hams, Q-signals provide […]

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SpaceX Crew-1 Mission Returns Ham Astronauts to Earth with a Splash!

On May 2, the Crew Dragon spacecraft called Resilience returned to Earth with four ham astronauts aboard in what was the first nighttime splashdown since the Apollo 8 landing in […]