HAM Radio 101

HAM Radio 101

Getting Along with Your Non-Ham Neighbors

We tend to get a bit of tunnel-vision when it comes to Ham radio. After all, we’re really into the hobby. But that doesn’t always mean everybody else is. In […]

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New Product Showcase: Red Pitaya Boards for Ham Radio Operators

For less adventurous eaters whose interest in fruits extends no further than apples and grapes, the red pitaya is likely one of those oddities you pass in the grocery store […]

HAM Radio 101

A Beacon of Safety at Sea: the Maritime Mobile Service Network

Founded with the intent to “Serve Those Who Serve,” the Maritime Mobile Service Network (MMSN) was launched in 1968 by Amateur Radio operators Winston (the Chaplain), KB5YX, formerly WB4AKB; Steve […]

HAM Radio 101

Earn Your ARRL VUCC Award

There’s a lot more to being a Ham than working HF. Just ask the operators who devote their on-air time to earning the ARRL’s VHF/UHF Century Club Award (VUCC). The […]

HAM Radio 101

Word Origins: What does “DX” Mean?

On July 25, 2020, DX Engineering will be holding its first-ever, all-day combined virtual event, featuring the DXE Virtual Hamfest from 9 am to noon and DX Academy (see more […]

HAM Radio 101

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist and Inventor Guglielmo Marconi (April 25, 1874 – July 20, 1937)

There are often more minds involved in the creation of an invention than the one that receives ultimate notoriety and acclaim, particularly with an invention as complex and cutting edge […]

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Solar Cycle 25 Update

What does Solar Cycle 25 have in store? While no one can know for sure, here’s the latest news from the National Weather Service. Based on results of NOAA’s Solar […]

HAM Radio 101

Staying at Home? There’s No Reason Why Amateur Radio Operators Can’t Stay Connected

While the COVID-19 outbreak gives Hams a chance to work on their stations alone and contemplate future projects in the solitude of the shack, there are still plenty of ways […]

HAM Radio 101

Want to Put Your Ham Radio Skills to Good Use? Get Involved in EmComm!

One of the missions of the Amateur Radio Service is for amateur radio operators to provide public service and emergency communications (EmComm) when needed. We act as a voluntary noncommercial […]

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Staying at Home? Catch up on Your Amateur Radio Reading

Being cooped up at home does have its advantages, especially when there’s a shelf full of good books to keep you company. And when it comes to Ham Radio, there’s […]