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Staying at Home? Discover What’s Missing in Your Ham Radio Toolbox

Lots of Hams are tool folks—an amalgam of, say, TV’s Mike Baxter and Tim Taylor, grunts and all. We like working with our hands, solving nagging problems, busting a knuckle […]

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Staying at Home? Brush Up on Your Ham Radio Etiquette

As Hams around the globe make sacrifices for the health and safety of their communities, let’s take this opportunity to recommit ourselves to making the amateur bands a welcoming harbor […]

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Hams Who Made History: Saving Lives at Gilnahirk Y Station

Mystery and intrigue surround local stories of the WWII code-breaking activities of the Gilnahirk Y radio station in Northern Ireland. Originally established by the Royal Corps of Signals and the […]

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ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program Helps Hams Hit the Books with College Stipends

Whether you’re pursuing a career in Amateur Radio or a hobbyist looking to cut high education costs—Amateur Radio scholarships can help you accomplish your goal. Every year, the ARRL rewards […]

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The Amateur Radio Station of the United Nations, 4U1UN

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of a team of dedicated Hams, led by key operators James Sarte, K2QI, and Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA, the United Nations Amateur Radio station, 4U1UN, is operating […]

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Promoting Ham Radio in Your Area

Ham radio is fun stuff! We enjoy building circuits, talking around the world without the internet, and developing our skills to be ready in case we’re ever needed for an […]

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Hams You Should Know: Phil Gildersleeve

Born in 1908 in Portland, Connecticut, Amateur Radio cartoonist Phil Gildersleeve helped define the face of Amateur Radio with his role as longtime cartoonist for QST magazine. He worked at […]

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Word of the Day: WAC (Worked All Continents Award)

If you’re relatively new to DXing, the thought of “Working the World” may seem daunting. Yes, it may be a “Small World After All” in Disney-speak, but in Ham terminology, […]

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What Is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) Antenna?

The popular End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) Antenna is an easily portable, high-impedance (2,000-4,000 ohm) wire antenna that resonates on its fundamental frequency and all harmonics above. Several ways exist to bring […]

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Honoring Hams Who Operate into Their 100s with the ARRL Centurion Award

There’s no ageism in the world of Amateur Radio—in fact, quite the opposite. The ARRL is committed to celebrating Hams with long-term commitments to the hobby, and that includes celebrating […]