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am m2 antenna element for ham radio
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Antenna Safety—Look Before You Install

The most important thing you can do when putting up an antenna is to look before you install. Go outside and survey your property. Consider every suitable location for your […]

Antenna Analyzer Combo
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Amateur Radio Operators, from PaddlePads to Antenna Analyzers

Also check out the Geochron Digital Atlas 2 4K and ARRL License Manuals In Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide for Hams, we’ll be looking at some popular items […]

DX Engineering Single Band Dipole Kit
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New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Single-Band Dipole Antenna Kits Now Available

For both portable deployment and permanent installation at your QTH, you can’t go wrong with a dipole antenna—assuming you have the space to accommodate its installation. Widely praised for its […]

rohn antenna tower pieces on a pallet
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Ham Radio Products for Tower and Antenna Season

Yesterday, March 20, marked the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. For some, that’s the time when thoughts turn to crocuses, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths popping up all […]

Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Tech Tips for Assembling/Installing a New Beam or Vertical Antenna

Here are just a few tips on what to do when assembling a new antenna. The suggestions hold true for both vertical and horizontal antennas. This is a basic information […]

a pulley and cable system for installing a wire antenna
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Getting Your Antenna in (and on) the Air: Tips for Installing Wire Antennas and Verticals

Mother Nature must like Ham operators. We’ve been provided with an abundance of tall, non-conductive antenna supports—aka trees—which grow and flourish on their own. When it comes to wire antennas, […]

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New Product Showcase: 2M-microBEAM Antenna from COMPACtenna

COMPACtenna antennas are for Hams who have big ideas about what they’d like to accomplish in small spaces. The company’s lineup up of multi-band antennas (and new 2M-only antenna—see below), […]

dx engineering antenna crank winch
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Why Consider Adding a Winch to the Pivot Base of Your DX Engineering Vertical Antenna?

There was a time when Ham operators didn’t have a lot of good options for easily raising and lowering their heavy ground-mounted vertical antennas. Yes, it could be done—if you […]

antenna base with tilt winch mechanism
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Zero to 160m DXCC in One Year: Installing the DX Engineering 160 Meter Thunderbolt Vertical Antenna

I’ve been a Ham for over 50 years, but up until about four years ago I had never had a QSO on 160m! In 2016, I decided that had to […]

dx engineering ham radio antenna tilt base
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DX Engineering Antenna Tilt Base Solutions Part Two—Tilt Base Mounting Systems

Raise your hand if you fondly recall the days when raising or lowering a heavy vertical antenna was a multi-person job, fraught with dangers and, perhaps, accompanied by a spray […]