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Emergency Preparedness
EMCOMM / Technical Articles

EMCOMM: Emergency Disaster Kits for Home and Car

Are you prepared for an emergency? During and after an emergency, you (and possibly your family) may need to survive on your own for an undetermined amount of time. Being […]

Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Tech Tips for Assembling/Installing a New Beam or Vertical Antenna

Here are just a few tips on what to do when assembling a new antenna. The suggestions hold true for both vertical and horizontal antennas. This is a basic information […]

Products & Product Reviews

New Product Spotlight: Toptek UHF and VHF Amplifiers

The new 2021 DX Engineering catalog features 132 pages of amateur radio heaven, from brand-new products like the DX Engineering NOISELOOP Portable Receive Flag Antenna Kit and Preamplifier to devices […]

Technical Articles

Preventing AM and FM Overload

It’s common to experience interference from a nearby broadcast station, including commercial and public safety transmitters. The usual symptom is a continuous stream of distorted audio on all channels or […]

Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Getting Your Antenna in (and on) the Air: Tips for Installing Wire Antennas and Verticals

Mother Nature must like Ham operators. We’ve been provided with an abundance of tall, non-conductive antenna supports—aka trees—which grow and flourish on their own. When it comes to wire antennas, […]

Products & Product Reviews

Holiday Gifts for Hams 2020: Geochron Digital Atlas 4K

If you want to give a holiday gift that will remind your favorite Ham just how generous you are (and how special they are), you can’t go wrong with the […]

Products & Product Reviews

New Product Showcase: Geochron Digital Atlas 4K

For amateurs who have always dreamed about mounting a Geochron world clock in the shack, the technicians at this renowned company have made it easier for operators everywhere to enjoy […]


My Favorite QSO

I’ve been a Ham since 1966, with some breaks in activity for college, family, and other responsibilities. Life happens, and it was almost fifteen years after getting my first license […]

Products & Product Reviews

TransWorld Antennas—Big HF Performance in a Small Package

In honor of DX Engineering’s upcoming combined DXE Virtual Hamfest and DX Academy July 25, 9 am to 5 pm, we’ll be looking at one of DX Engineering’s popular traveling […]

Products & Product Reviews

Product Profile: Icom IC-705 HF/VHF/UHF D-STAR All Mode Portable Transceiver

More than 42,000 Hams from around the world flocked to this year’s Ham Fair (August 31-September 1) in Tokyo, hoping to get a first look at what’s on the horizon […]