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Coming Soon! microHAM Amateur Radio Products to be Sold  Exclusively in North America by DX Engineering

WiMo of Herxheim, Germany, has appointed DX Engineering as the sole North American distributor of contesting and DXing products from microHAM, a company based in the Slovak Republic. WiMo, market leader for ham radio products in Europe, is the sole worldwide distributor for microHAM products.

DX Engineering will assume North American distribution responsibilities immediately. Customers in North America should direct all inquiries and requests regarding microHAM products to DX Engineering.

“We are thrilled to expand our strong relationship with the team at WiMo,” says Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO. “This arrangement will enable us to provide hams throughout North America with microHAM’s unique lineup of equipment, along with the kind of world-class service and support our customers have come to expect.”

“We are pleased that we could win DX Engineering as a partner,” says Carsten Esch, DL6LAU, Sales Manager at WiMo. “DX Engineering has been distributing many of our products in the U.S. for some time now, and we are already delivering more goods from our portfolio to U.S. customers via DX Engineering.”

Jozef Urban, OM7ZZ, founder of microHAM, adds: “This agreement means that hams in the U.S. have a local source for microHAM products. Plus, more products in the line will be available for immediate dispatch in the U.S. We are confident DX Engineering will be able to support our products and improve on our already high service standards.”

Watch Tim, K3LR, interview Carsten, DL6LAU, about microHAM products in the video below:

DX Engineering is in the process of making microHAM products available at Please check the website for availability in the following months. We’ll also be announcing on OnAllBands when microHAM products will be available on the website. The lineup will include microHAM’s radio interface equipment, antenna rotator controller, antenna controllers, antenna switches, interface and controller cables, and accessories. Here are three of the company’s signature devices:

ARCO Smart Antenna Rotator Controller: Designed for reliable operation with most commercial and homebrew rotators, including the soon-to-be-released DX Engineering RT4500HD Heavy-Duty Rotator, the ARCO controller reduces inertia stress on rotators, antennas, gear boxes and towers by providing safe, carefully controlled rotator motion that keeps antenna setups in better shape for years of operation. The self-contained controller does not require a computer, external device, or power supply for operation, and its Touch’n Turn feature enables fast heading entries by simply touching the desired direction on a world map from its 7-inch color display.

Micro KEYER IIITM Radio Interface: The Micro KEYER III is the world’s only amateur radio USB interface featuring a high dynamic range, 24-bit audio processing chain on all signal stages. This powerful single-radio, all-in-one USB interface fully supports digital and voice operation, including microphone switching, in one box. With a single USB port, it works with any Windows-based logging or control program, as well as Linux and macOS, for CW, Voice, FSK, and Digital operation (RTTY, FT8, WSJT, PSK31, SSTV, et. al.).

DXPTM Radio Interface: This lightweight, portable transceiver-to-computer USB interface features a high dynamic range and low-noise 24-bit audio ADC and DAC to facilitate high-quality Digital operation (FT8, RTTY, PSK31, et. al.) and FSK. CW operation is supported by the WinKey CW Keyer developed by K1EL.

For more information about microHAM, visit the company’s official website. In the meantime, you can find other WiMo-branded gear (QRM Eliminator, Mini Network Analyzers, PicoAPRS Transceiver, X-Quad Antennas, Aluminum Telescoping Masts, Mini Vector Network Analyzers, and more), plus WiMo-manufactured products (antennas from EAntenna, InnovAntennas, and Kelemen) at

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