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Product Spotlight: CBA V Computerized Battery Analyzer from West Mountain Radio (Video)

Ham radio gear from the team at West Mountain Radio has been a staple of the DX Engineering Amateur Radio Catalog and at for some time now. There’s a very good reason why. The company, based in Waukesha, WI, designs and manufactures the kind of dependable products that make operating more reliable, easier, safer, more efficient, and, above all, a heck of a lot more fun. Here’s what a ham said about one of the company’s signature products, the RIGrunner RR/4005 DC Outlet Panel—a great device for untangling wires more suited for a plate at the Olive Garden rather than a ham shack:

Five Stars: “Super easy outlet panel. The RIGrunner product is foolproof. It can handle the load without flinching and accommodates heavy-duty rigs. Good purchase.”

DX Engineering CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, recently interviewed Mark Siegesmund, W9WMR, West Mountain Radio president, about the company’s new CBA V—Computerized Battery Analyzer and other gear, including:

The above represents just a few of the 147 West Mountain items available at DX Engineering. Watch the video below:

As featured in the new DX Engineering catalog, here’s a summary of the CBA V—Computerized Battery Analyzer:

This versatile device is designed for advanced and highly accurate scientific battery performance assessments, offering significant upgrades over past CBA models. Execute fast tests under real-world load conditions, up to 150 watts or 40 amps maximum; high-voltage testing at up to 55 V; power profile tests (increase current at user’s rate to see how voltage/power responds), useful for testing maximum power output of a power supply or solar cell; true constant current battery capacity test with results graphically displayed; multiple discharge tests that can use watts as a parameter; and much more. Each individually calibrated unit includes an on-board computer that performs accurate measurements with 12-bit effective resolution, remote voltage sensing for greater accuracy, an array of built-in safety features for battery protection, and free software for valuable data analysis. Other features include:

  • Discharge current is software and electronically regulated using a solid-state switch and fan-cooled electronic load
  • Test any type of battery, coin cell to automotive or larger. Presets for NiCad, NiMH, Lead Acid, Li Ion, Li Poly, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Mercury, et. al.
  • Remote voltage sensing for higher testing accuracy
  • Automatic protection of temperature, current, and power
  • Safety watchdog stops a discharge in the event of a computer crash
  • Automatic voltage shutoff at end of test using a software-recommended or user-selected safe discharge voltage
  • Automatic over-temperature shutoff at end of test using a software- recommended or user-selected maximum temperature with optional external magnetic temperature sensor
  • Plug-and-play high-speed USB interface, with easy-to-use and intuitive Windows software

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Visit for the full lineup of West Mountain Radio gear, including battery backup systems, battery backup switch units, DSP noise-reduction speakers, PWRcheck + DC Power Analyzers, and more.

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