Guide to November 2020 Ham Radio Contests

November is the season to give thanks for some of the year’s best Ham Radio contesting opportunities. Here are a few highlights: ARRL November Sweepstakes, CW (November 7-9) 2100Z to […]


Halloween is Around the Corner. Here’s How to Overcome Your Worst Ham Radio Fears!

What gives you the heebie-jeebies as a Ham Radio operator? With Halloween only a couple of days away, we’re dedicating this post to some of the scary things that keep […]

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New Product Showcase: Antenna Analyzers from RigExpert Available at DX Engineering

Editor’s Note: For September, our Word of the Day column will be focusing on new products that have become available since the 2020 DX Engineering catalog came out. At the […]


My Favorite QSO

I’ve been a Ham since 1966, with some breaks in activity for college, family, and other responsibilities. Life happens, and it was almost fifteen years after getting my first license […]


Don’t Forget the Band Pass Filters on Field Day

ARRL Field Day (June 27-28, 2020) can be a challenge if you’re not properly prepared. One of the biggest obstacles to a successful Field Day can be setting up multiple […]

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Staying at Home? It’s a Good Time to Build or Upgrade Your Go-Kit

The worldwide COVID-19 outbreak has confirmed to many Hams what they have been preaching to skeptics for years: You can never be too prepared for a crisis. Amateur operators, especially […]

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Staying at Home? Discover What’s Missing in Your Ham Radio Toolbox

Lots of Hams are tool folks—an amalgam of, say, TV’s Mike Baxter and Tim Taylor, grunts and all. We like working with our hands, solving nagging problems, busting a knuckle […]


World Amateur Radio Day is Fast Approaching

On Saturday, April 18, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) will celebrate its 95th anniversary with World Amateur Radio Day, a global celebration of all things Ham. As the official […]


Ham Radio Licensure Surging During COVID-19 Outbreak

With words like social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine filling up the news feeds, it’s not surprising that more people are turning to Amateur Radio to stay connected during the uncertainty […]


Video: 2 Meter FM vs. HF FT8—a Head to Head SOTA Challenge

On a brutally cold and windy day in North Wales, SOTABeams’ Richard, G3CWI, operated an HT on 2 meter FM from two SOTA (Summits On The Air) locations while another […]