World Amateur Radio Day is Fast Approaching

On Saturday, April 18, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) will celebrate its 95th anniversary with World Amateur Radio Day, a global celebration of all things Ham.

As the official “spokesperson” for the world’s Amateur Radio community (recognized by the International Telecommunication Union), IARU is no stranger to educating the public about Amateur Radio’s importance. Founded on April 18, 1925, the IARU revived Amateur Radio from imminent obscurity by popularizing the use of short wave communication. Just two years after its founding, IARU members gained use of the 160, 80, 40, 20, and 10 meter bands—all still widely used today.

World Amateur Radio Day endures today as a means of promoting and commemorating the many contributions of Amateur Radio—with on-air participation from locales around the globe.

IARU President, Tim Ellam, VE6SH, describes the event, “April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide, and the fun we have. I would encourage all radio amateurs to join in the celebrations and promote Amateur Radio on the air, or in your community.”

Initially, the IARU was comprised of 25 countries but has grown to include 160 member societies across an expansive three regions. The regions represent the three International Telecommunication Union Regions with Region One consisting of Europe, Northern Asia, Africa, and the Middle East; Region Two representing the Americas; and Region Three including operators in most of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

World Amateur Radio Day will include participation from all three regions. If you’re interested in getting involved, social media is the ideal place to start. Simply head to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and use #WorldAmateurRadioDay to get connected.

For more detailed information about your country’s on-the-air activities, please visit the ARRL website.

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