Halloween is Around the Corner. Here’s How to Overcome Your Worst Ham Radio Fears!

What gives you the heebie-jeebies as a Ham Radio operator? With Halloween only a couple of days away, we’re dedicating this post to some of the scary things that keep us up at night. Here’s a quick list:

  • HOA Restrictions
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • Common Mode Interference
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Worn and Inefficient Coaxial Cable
  • Cut Fingers from Installing Connectors on Coax
  • Pile-ups
  • Gear Ruined by Water Damage
  • Poor Performing Vertical Antennas

Spooky stuff for sure. And there’s plenty more where that came from. The good news is that DX Engineering specializes in helping Hams conquer all the pesky demons that lurk about our shacks.

You’ll find a variety of low-profile antennas made for HOAs, including Ciro Mazzoni’s Stealth Loop Antenna; ferrite toroids and beads for mitigating RFI issues; grounding and lightning protection; high-performance coaxial cable and connectors; easy-to-use coaxial cable tool kits; amplifiers; DX Engineering Maxi-Core® 20 Baluns and Feedline Chokes that deliver higher common mode impedance; weatherproofing kits; and radial systems for boosting performance of your ground-mounted vertical antenna.

Also check out this OnAllBands blog on excellent antenna choices for HOA restricted residences.

And as you ponder weak and weary the ghosts that plague your shack, take a moment to peruse this article on Ham radio’s most mysterious legend—the Wouff-Hong.

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